Jun 7, 2013

REVIEW: BEN NYE BANANA LUXURY POWDER (Is it really worth the hype?)

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I'm back with another review and today. I am reviewing the much hyped product from Ben Nye. I have first heard of this from Goss Makeup Artist and I have read that this was used by Kim Kardashian herself. My Say Tioco raved about this as well and the news spread like wild fire!Everybody wants to get one ( me included!). Before, it was a little difficult to buy online shops that carry them and stocks get sold out super fast. It is a good thing though, that recently, more and more online shops carry them and the price is getting lower as well.  I finally got hold of this product about a month ago and I really wanted to try it out and see for myself whether it is really worth all the hype. So, if you want to know what I think, please read on....


PRICE : P950 (approx US$23)

What it says on their website:



It came in a shake bottle. The holes were kind of large and it dispenses more product than I need so I covered all of them  with a sticky tape except the one in the middle for better control.


As it says on the website, the powder is very finely milled and my skin felt so smooth when I applied it. 


Me, with a layer of liquid foundation. 

It smoothened my skin and minimized my pores without adding any color. It gives a matte finish.

Instead of a brush, I used a sponge to dab the powder over my foundation to really seal it in.

Me, with complete makeup on.


I traveled by jeepney and was out under the sun. It was so hot that day.

Me, after 7 hours without any retouching. My T-zone and forehead is already oily and my pores had become visible.


The packaging is a little bulky and  the holes are too big that I tend to dispense more product than I need. I have to transfer the powder in another container so that I do not have to bring the whole bottle when I travel.

When applied, my skin felt super smooth and is able to hide/minimize my pores and lines. It gives a matte finish and to me, it does not give much of a  color but does give a minimal white cast. Whenever I use this, I also apply some on my neck.  
It does not have any strong odor.
Tip: Instead of a powder brush, apply the powder using a sponge then blend it afterwards. This will make your makeup last longer. 

Lasting power:
On me, it lasted 4-5 hours under humid and hot weather without any setting spray or retouching. 

To be honest,it is quite expensive for a powder, but then you will get a huge bottle which even if you use it everyday, it will last you for month. As you can see in the ingredients, it contains Oriza Sative or Rice Starch and Corn Starch which are the same ingredients found in a baby powder. I hav a DIY loose setting powder made from Cornstarch mixed with baby powder and aside from the grainy feel of the DIY powder, the finish is quite the same but the banana powder lasted a little bit longer.

If I have to compare it with the Palagantong Powder, the main difference is the color. If I use the Palgantong powder, it has more of a pinkish color while the banana powder has  yellow, so in pictures,I look fairer when I use the Palgantong powder. I will try to make  a comparison review on both products to really see which is better. 

All in all, I am glad that I was able to get my hands on this powder. It does set my makeup well and lasts  a decent amount of time. I recommend this to people who are working in places where they meet a lot of people and have no time to retouch their makeup. This is also good for makeup artist since it will your clints skin look so pretty in pictures. As an  online tutor,  (if you have the budget) I really recommend this because your face will look flawless on webcam. 

It really depends on you whether you are willing to shell P800-P1000. I say, if you have the money, then  it is okay but if it is not within your budget, it is not really that necessary. 

I hope you find this review helpful and let me know what you think on the comment section below!

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  1. I'm quite impressed with your review! Thank you for making this review! I really appreciate it! Honestly!It's so worth reading! Idol! Hehe! :)

  2. now im confused. which one to buy palgantong or this? which is better

    1. will try to do a comparison soon! The finish is quite different...banana powder is more matte compared to the the palgantong powder :)

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  4. One of the best reviews ive seen! :)

  5. Very informative. This is really useful since I've been thinking about purchasing the product myself. :) Thank you for that wonderful review!

  6. Great review! Thanks for sharing it!


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