Mar 11, 2013

Review: BYS Concealer

Hello everyone!!

For the past months, I have been on the quest for the perfect concealer for my skin type and skin color. Though I don't have a lot of acne marks and skin imperfections, my skin tends to look dull and uneven so I need a concealer to even it out plus I do have some dark spots due to past acne breakouts that need cover-up. I have actually bought this concealer last February and I have been planning to do a review on this but after using it for a bout a week, I kind of thought that I need more time to test it out. So after about 3 weeks, here is what I thought of this product.

First, here is my picture without any face makeup (just some brow powder):
Skin type: Normal to Dry skin
Problem areas:  large pores, dull and uneven skin tone with some dark spots due to acne marks, redness around the nose area

Name: BYS Concealer
Shade: Medium
Price: P199.00/12ml
Bought from: Watsons, Market Market

 It is quite small and handy. 


The product is quite thick but somewhat liquid-y and  dries easily.
I got the shade medium because it was the only color that kind of matches my skin tone (yellow tone), most of the shades that I tried int the stall where more of pink tone.

In the picture above, I did not apply any primer on my skin. I just a applied a bit of moisturizer and dotted small amounts of the concealer on my under eye area.
Here (above), I used my fingers to blend the concealer using a patting motion rather than a swiping motion. I have noticed that the products dries easily and I really need to work fast. Plus, the concealer transfers to my fingers leaving less product on the face. As I have said the products dries easily and once it dries, I should stop blending or less the product rubs off . I have tried using a synthetic concealer brush to blend the concealer and I find it much easier and I was able to blend better. However, I still have to work fast because once the product dries, even though I use the brush, it will still rub off.

As you can see ( above), there was very little difference. I was very surprised because once the product dries, it kind of leave an invisible film of concealer on my skin.

Since I was not satisfied with the coverage, I applied another layer.

Hmmm...see any  difference? I do admit that it did brighten it up a bit but considering the amount of product i have used, it should have given more coverage right?

Here, I noticed that it did not cover my dark spots well plus it left a visible yellow film over my dark spots.

I was not satisfied with how the product performed and I had a hard time blending it but I don't want my money to go to waste so I decided to try with after I have applied my foundation on especially on the areas where I have dark spots.

Here (above), I just used my San San Liquid Matte foundation

As you can see, there was no visible yellow concealer and it did cover my dark spots. I have also noticed, that when I put a layer of foundation before applying the concealer, it did not dry up fast and it was super easier to blend.


What I like:
              • Affordable
              • Packaging is cute and hygienic
              • No strong smell or odor

What I don't like:
              • The formula is thick but does not provide good coverage.
              • When used alone, (not over foundation) it dries fast and is difficult to blend.
              • Cannot be used alone
              • Tends to rub off easily 
              • Use on top of foundation/tinted moisturizer
              • Use a concealer brush or synthetic foundation brush when blending.

All in all, I do not recommend this concealer. I did not like it at all. Now, I only use this when I have a lot of time and when I use foundation.  I will never repurchase unless they change the formula.

*Have you ever used this concealer?  Please do tell me if you have. I want to know if it is only me who had problems using this product.

Take care!!



  1. Replies
    1. Tell me what you think of it!!

      thank you for dropping by! :)

  2. So you're not recommending it! Was planning to buy some BYS stuff. Have you tried their foundation?

  3. It did not work out for me!! :( Dont like the you can see from the pics..minimum coverage gd ya! I wanted to try their foundations but none of the available shades matched my skintone so far..... want to try their blush..daw nami.. :)

  4. aww. too bad it didn't work for you.. i actually haven't tried a lot of concealers, im too lazy :) thanks a lot for the review about this,

    1. I really tried my best but it was just not for me. lol!
      thank you for dropping by!!

  5. hi! im a new follower here. love your blog and your reviews kasi you post drugstore items na kayang kaya ng bulsa heheh. anyway, thanks for the review, i will not buy this kasi di ko gusto un ocverage sayo. pero on the bright side, you have really good skin and eyebrows. how do you do your brows?

    try art deco camouflage cream concealer! it really works, i use it all over my face and it covers really well

    trust me gogogo try mo un

    1. Hello hello!!!
      Thank you for dropping by! Alam mu parang weird talaga yung concealer..hhhaa.. Thank you for the compliment...I want to try yung Deco camouflage concealer..heard good things about it..kaya lg i think I have to buy online kasi parang wala dito sa Iloilo. :)followed your blog as well! :)

  6. Same sentiments here. Dries up too fast and it leaves a yellowish film if you dont blend it immediately after applica to on. Coverage is not good and rubs off easily. Would not recommend as well.

  7. if you have dark under-eye circles, it is best to color correct them first. Set with a little bit of powder and then apply your liquid foundation. Set your foundation then apply your concealer. Blend it using a damp sponge and then make sure to set it again with translucent powder. Hope this helps.

  8. I was planning to buy 1. Good thing I first read some reviews and over all, all don't recommend this product that much.


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