Nov 26, 2013


Hi everyone! 

When I left for New Zealand, I had a connecting flight in Hongkong and I had to wait there for 6 hours! So, what does a girl do in place where there were  lots of makeup stores that sell products at a cheaper price? Shop of course!! MAC was actually the stall where I spent more than an hour. I asked the lady there to put makeup on me...and I ended up boarding my plane looking oh-so-fab with a super red lipstick on! Hahaha... This lipstick caught my eye because I have been looking for a nude lipstick that would compliment my skin color and not wash me out. So, was I happy with this purchase? Read on!!

Product Name: MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in "Ravishing"
Bought from: MAC store in HK airport
Price: US $21 
(US $15 on the website)


It is a cremesheen lipstick so I know that it won't be matte. Personally, I prefer nude lipsticks to be a little shiny or glossy because it looks more natural and moisturizing. I have super dry lips so I don't use a lot of matte lipsticks.


It is a nude color that is more on the coral-peachy side. I am medium skin tones so I find that this lipstick does not wash me out and does not make me look like I lost a lot of blood. It just gives my lips a nice nude color.  It is opaque and I only have to swipe once or twice to get a good color pay-off. It is a little but dry though and if I don't moisturize or exfoliate my lips, the color tends to settle on on lines of my lips.I use this almost everyday and it looks great on smoky eyes and is good for everyday. It also lasts long, like I can wear this for 405 hours and it is still there. It does transfer though so the lasting power really depends on whether you eat, drink or kiss.. I also like putting this on top of my pink lipliner  or any lipliner to make it last a bit longer.


What I like:
-good color pay off
- suits dark skin tones
- no pungent or strong smell
- lasts about 4-5 hours

Some issue:
-can be a little drying
- a little expensive (in my case.. hehe)

I would love to but more lippies from MAC. I love this lipstick and I definitely recommend this to medium to dark skin tones girls.  

So how about you? What is your favorite nude lipstick?

Hope you have a great day!
Take care!


Nov 19, 2013

Makeup Tutorials: Pretty Purple for the Holidays

Hi everyone!

Is anyone here excited for Christmas? I know I am! Sadly, this year's Christmas might be a little different and maybe less jolly than the previous years. Philippines was hit by a huge typhoon killing thousands of people and leaving other thousands homeless. Nevertheless, life is about moving on and taking each day one day at a time. I know, little by little things will be okay and time will heal all wounds.

On a lighter note, I decided to film more makeup videos since this is the time of they ear where everyone gets together and celebrate. I created this particular look because I just love purple on brown eyes. I have brown eyes so I know for a fact the purple really compliments the color of my eyes. I used just a bit of blush to bring color to my cheeks and a pink/peach lipcolor. At first, I thought it will look to overwhelming to pair dramatic eyes and colored lips but I think they both looked nice together. I did not use too much blush so my face still looked fresh and put together.

Hope you enjoy!

Thank you very much for taking the time to watch my video. In case, you do not know, Philippines was recently struck by one of the strongest typhoon ever. There were thousands dead and homeless. Water, food and medicine is scarce. If you would like to help, Red Cross has a way for concerned citizens like to you to donate any amount through Paypal. Any money you give will be used to give aid to these people. Just choose "SuperTyphoon Yolanda" on the campaign section. Thank you very much!


Take care!


Nov 16, 2013


Hi everyone!

In case you don't know, I am a part of Avon Philippines blogger Council and they sent me a few of their products to try out. Unfortunately, most products were makeup and DHL don't allow those kind of products to be shipped. so I ended up getting their "One Bra". You could only imagine my disappointment.?! To be honest, I do not see myself a good writer so forgive me if this post is kinda off, but I am going to try my best to put my thoughts into writing. :)

A woman's underwear can make or break her outfit,so a bra's structure and support level is very very important. I am what kind of "well-endowed" for my frame ( I am 36-C) and some bras just don't offer support or sometimes the underwire is super uncomfortable. I am also very self-conscious about it so I don't like showing my cleavage that much.  I am very picky and I never wear bra without underwires.  I don't like the "bouncing" effect..hahaha!

Anyway, here is what I think about this "one Bra" by Avon. I have worn it for 3 times in about 8 days just so that I can give a good feel of it.

What it says on the website:


'The One' Bra
Php 425.00
Comfort, support, and other amazing benefits in one bra. Comfy Spandex stretches and moulds to fit any shape. Fit sizes 32A-40D with removable pads. No hooks & wires for complete comfort. Cradles bust for lift & support. 92% nylon, 8% spandex, excluding trims. Skintone. Free Size.

The "One Bra" is made of a soft, stretchable material and does have padding. It does have any wires but the wide "cup" and padding makes up for it.  I even wore it when I went jogging and it was not uncomfortable at all.  It offered me just right amount of support. I was also surprised by how snug it was. It is so nice when worn over fitting shirts and blouses because it does not have any weird bulging. I am kind of uncomfortable showing my cleavage so I also like wearing this when I wear shirts with low-neckline. 

Hmmm...I am trying to figure out what I don't like about this bra...because I love it! If only I could wear this everyday! (Which I can't because of hygienic reasons..) I wish it came in a black color as well so that I can wear this with dark shirts. But all in all...I just love it! I think it is a great buy and I am so thankful I was sent this to try out. 

Do I recommend this? Heck yeah! 

Hope you enjoyed my post!
Take care!


Disclaimer: Thought this product was sent to me to review, my opinion is my own and is not in anyway biased. ♥

Nov 8, 2013

REVIEW: Pinkie's Collection Cream Foundation

Hi everyone!

Sorry for being MIA lately, I had a trouble with my laptop and I was so so busy! Anyway, here is another review for you guys! ♥

I admit that I love foundations..I rarely go out without wearing a light foundation. My friends used to tease me, " Foundation day ba ngayun?" (Is today your Foundation day?)...because I sometimes have super cake-y face due to too much foundation! Hahaha..I don't know why, a lot of people say I have good skin and I don't need to much but, it is an obsession of mine and  now, that I'm older (hopefully wiser!) I tend to look for products that will look natural and can cover/conceal my dark circles and imperfections without putting too much. If you have seen my previous videos you will see that  I am obsessed with this foundation! I have seen  Ms Say Tioco rave about this...anyway.. here is my review:

Name: Pinkies Collection Cream Foundation
Brought from: SM City Department Store 
Price: P249 (approx US$6)
Shade: CFF-02 ( there three available shades)
Amount: 20gm



Boom! Naked fezz alert!!

Skin Type: Normal to Dry Skin
Skin Problem: pores, dark circles, dull skin, uneven skin tone
Skin color: MAC's NW30 is a perfect match for me

Now, let's test drive this baby!!!
I used my FaceIt circle brush to blend the product because it was kind of thick and kind of difficult to blend using my hands.

As you can see, it provides medium to heavy coverage depending on how much you apply. Be sure to use a stiff brush and blend well to avoid streaks. 

One layer is enough to cover my dark circles and even out my skin tone. At first, I thought it was really white for me and I noticed that it does oxidize after a few minutes and matched my skin tone. There is a minimal white cast, just be sure to blend a small amount on your neck as well.The finish is definitely not matte but it not too dewy as well. It does feel heavy but I do feel that I have product on my face. 

Here is a before and after:
It evened out my skin tone!

I did not apply any setting powder to see if it will make me oily because I feel that cream foundations can make my skin oily. I went to work and it was night time and it was a little humid.

This is me after a few hours. I DID became a little oily but it was not too much. As you can see, the foundation is still there but it did settle on the lines under eyes.


The packaging for me is so-so. Not so good but not so bad either. It gets dirty easily and it would have been better if it came with a mirror. I have dropped mine more than 10 times but it did break so one good this is that it is sturdy. 

Like other cream foundation,it is better to warm the product first before application to make blending easily. I use a damp sponge or a super dense brush to apply it all my face. It is very buildable and give light to medium coverage.  You really have to blend it thoroughly and make sure to blend it down your neck. I find that this when you take a picture with flash, there is a slight white cast and if you were not able to blend it thoroughly, you will end up with super uneven  ("looking") skin. It does not dry matte and can be a little dewy so if you have oily skin, it is best to set it with a setting powder. It also oxidizes after sometime so at first it may look too light on me but after a while, it matches my skin tone. As for the smell, it actually does not have any strong odor. I sniffed it closely and I think it smelled like candles or wax. The smell is not bothersome at all. 

I really cannot argue about the price because it is very affordable and Pinkies Collection are found in almost all SM department stores. 

Lasting Power:
As you can see from the picture above, it does last quite well given the humid weather in the Philippines. I ride jeepneys most of the time and I can get sweaty but I find that my foundation is intact (unless of course, I wipe it off). I would say that it can last from 4-6 hours depending of course on where you are and what you do. It does last longer when worn with primer and setting powder.

What I like:
-gives a good coverage ( light to medium)
-lasts long
-no strong odor
-did not break me out
-evens out my skin tone ( when blended well)
-not patchy and good for dry to normal skin

Some issues:
-slight white cast
- comes in only 3 shades

If you are looking for a nice foundation for work or for everyday, I highly recommend this. Just be sure to blend it thoroughly especially when you use it at night for parties/special occasions. 

That's it for my review! I hope you find it helpful!
Please share your thoughts about his product, if you have tried this before and whether you like it or not. Or, please tell me what your favorite foundation is and which kind of foundation you like. I would love to read your thought! ♥

Take care!