Jun 25, 2013

Review: Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set

Hi everyone!

How are you guys doing? I do not feel well today actually, (I think I may be having a cold..)I am a little sick but unfortunately, I had A LOT of errands to do :( I think it is because of the weather. It is acting up like crazyyyyy! One day its raining then its super sunny... I mean hello?? makeup your mind! Anyway, I am gonna be reviewing these new babies that I got a couple of weeks ago and I am sure that most of you have heard or seen them already. 

(click the picture to enlarge it)

Price: P1050 (US$18.00 on their website)
Bought from: Stuff in Style (online retailer)

There babies are created by no other than Sam from Pixiwoo, one of the most popular makeup gurus in Youtube. I have seen them use these brushes and I just cannot help but get my hands on them too! It comes in a clear plastic box with labels at the back to so that you can see each names and uses of each brush.

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Once you open the box, you will see a black brush holder that can be used both ways.
a. As a carry on brush case

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b. Brush stand

According to the Real Techniques Website, the bristle of the brushes are made of Taklon which are synthetic fibers that are smoother and finer compared to the fibers of other brushes. And since they are synthetic, they are also 100% cruelty free. Now let us go to the detailed pictures of the brushes shall we?

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1. Buffing Brush: Ideal for full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation
I use this brush to set my foundation with setting powder or apply my powder foundation. To be honest, I expected it to be softer but it wasn't  as soft as I expected it. It does the job well though. I also use this for my blush and I love how it can diffuse my blush when I apply too much. 
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2. Pointed Foundation Brush. Use with liquid foundation to build custom coverage.
This is my favorite in the set! I just love how it can  blend and spread creamy foundation such as my Revlon whipped Cream makeup. I don't have to use my fingers anymore and it gives a really nice flawless finish. Unlike other similar foundation brushes that I have tried, it does NOT streak at all! My only problem is that it is too small. I really expected it to be a little bigger but it takes a while for me to finish blending my foundation on my face and neck .

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3. Detailer Brush. Precision cut to effortlessly conceal problem areas or use with lipstick for long-lasting shape and definition.
I have used this for my concealer and again, I find it too small. I guess it mainly used for concealing acne spots and marks. I used this to apply concealer on my undereye circles and I find it too stiff and small for the job. (Lesson learned: Use the pointed foundation brush for undereye circles instead)
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4. Contour Brush. Delicately applies highlighter to contour or create sheer, soft-focus finish.
I like the shape and texture of this brush. It does not pick up much of the product so it makes it easier to control and apply bronzers and contour powders because you get to build up the color rather than start with a LOT of color and end up looking too bronzed/contoured. Same goes with applying powder highlighters, it deposits just the right amount of the highlight and you can just add more if you want. Only downside, is that some bronzers are not so pigmented so it takes time to build up the color. The way the brush "feathers"  out at the end makes it easier to blend the edges  bronzer/contour powder for a more natural look.
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The handles of this brush set is colored black with gold  to signify that it is used to create a flawless base for your other makeup. They have a color-code fro each brush set, purple for enhanced eyes and pink for the perfect finish brush set.

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The handles are not too long so for someone like me who makes Youtube videos, it is okay to use even if the camera is right into my face. Other  brushes have long handles that everytime I use it when I film, my camera lens gets hit. :)

See them in action:

Overall Thoughts:

What I like:
- affordable
-blends products well
-soft bristles that does not shed
-light-weight handle
-100% Cruelty free
-easy to clean and dries fast 

Some Issues:
- the brushes are quite small

All in all, these brushes are good investments. Whether you are starting with makeup or a professional makeup artist, it is important to have the right tools in order want to achieve a flawless base for your makeup. If you are on a tight budget, then I suggest you start saving up because these babies are so worth it!

So, have you tried these brushes? What do you think of them? Have you tried other Real techniques brushes? Please do share your comments down below!

I hope you learned something from this post. 

Take care!


Jun 24, 2013


Hi everyone!

Are you a fan of blushes? Do you own a lot or are you like me who has like 2-3 blushes only? I love makeup but I tend to go for eye shadows and foundations. As for lipsticks, hmmmm..maybe 50-50. Hahah..Anyway, I'm here to talk about this blush palette that I purchased almost a month ago. If you want to know more about it, read on....

Name: 10 Blush Palette
Brought from: Miss Bella PH
Price: P500 (approx US$10)

(click the photo to to enlarge it)

(click the photo to to enlarge it)

(click the photo to to enlarge it)
The palette contains 10 blushes with 3 matte colors that are on the pinkish side and 7 shimmers shades that range from peachy to orange to pink. It comes in a thin, black, plastic case. I kind of expected it the have a mirror inside but unfortunately, it does not have one.

(click the photo to to enlarge it)
 As you can see, the colors are quite pigmented and they apply smoothly.  As I've mentioned, some color were matte and others have shimmers. My favorite color us #2 because it has this lovely rose pink that not only adds color to my cheeks but gives a subtle highlight as well. I find #3 to be too light or brownish to be a blush color, so I also use it as a highlighter.

(click the photo to to enlarge it)
The shades are wearable and compliments a variety of skin colors. The colors are quite versatile and can be used as blush/highlighter/ eyeshadow. As for lasting power, I'd say a good 2-3 hours. One thing I discovered recently is that if I put on my blush right after my foundation, the powder sticks on my skin better so it lasts longer. I then use a sponge to press the  setting powder on top my foundation making both my blush and foundation last longer. Plus, a setting spray will make it last longer too.

One downside of this product is that it is a little powdery so the product really sticks to the fibers of the brush and if not careful, you might end up applying too much resulting to a clown face. What I do is that I take tap the excess product of the brush before I pressing it to my face.
(click the photo to to enlarge it)
(click the photo to to enlarge it)
Here are some of my videos where I have used this product:

My Thoughts:

What I like:
- affordable
-comes in a variety of colors
-good color pay off
-no overwhelming smell
-has both shimmer and matte shades
-blends easily
-applies smoothly
-not bulky 

My issues:
-can be quite messy because of the fall off
-only lasts for 2-3 hours

Will I repurchase?
If I used them all up, I might buy one again.If they have other shades, I will definitely but them too.

Do I recommend it?
Yes of course!For the price, you will get 10 shades of blush. If you are like me, who is new to blushes, this is a good product to try because you'd be able to experiment with different colors without breaking your bank. For makeup artists, this is a good product to bring on photoshoots or events because of the variety of shades (given that your client is not too keen on using branded/high end products).

How about you?Are you blush person or not? Have you tried similar palettes like BH cosmetics and Coastal Scents ? Because  I think they look similar. Please do share your insights/opinions on the comment section below!

Take care!


Jun 18, 2013

Look Fab and Glam for Less

Hi everyone!!

I admit that I am on a budget. If I can, I will buy all the makeup there is!However, I can't do that so whenever I buy makeup products that costs more than P500, I always make sure that I really need it and that I am 100% sure that I will use it. If the product turn out to be crap, then I try to use it in other ways like if it is a foundation that is too light or too dark on me, I mix it with other foundation to achieve my shade.

Anyway, this is my entry for My Lucid Intervals Anniversary Makeup Contest. I am a firm believer that to be pretty and glam, one need not to spend a ton of money. Here are my tips on how to look fab even on a budget.

1. Know your skin type and skin color and undertone. This is my number 1 tip because this will save you money and time when choosing the right products that will compliment your skin tone. Also, it is best to look at the ingredients so that you can see what products you are putting on your face. If you have sensitive skin, it is best to shy away from products with TALC and MICA because they are known to cause skin irritations.

2. Do your research and (if possible) try before you buy. There are tons of people doing reviews and blogs about makeup products so it would be good to check them first before buying a certain product especially on high end one.

3. Know what products to invest in. In my opinion, invest in foundations and primers because they provide the base for your makeup. Especially for eyeshadows, it is best to buy eye primers because it will definitely extend the wear of your eye shadow no matter how cheap it is.

4. Skin care. Makeup can only do so much. No matter how great the coverage of your foundation is, at the end of the day, it is more important to have good skin.

So those were my tips, on to my makeup video:

Each of the products used costs less than P500.





For the brushes, I used my Beauty Cosmetics Travel Smokey Eye Kit which only costs P300 and ELF Studio Flat top brush that costs P250.00.

Here is my before and after:

Jun 17, 2013

Review: VELVETINES by Lime Crime (Suedeberry and Red Velvet)

Hi everyone!

I recently purchased these two babies from a friend who bought them from a certain online shop but arrived late so she bought another one. I have heard of this and have read a lot of mixed reviews as well. I really wanted to try them out but they were always sold out. I'm juts happy I finally got them and I'm quite happy that I able to blog about them as well because I'm sure most of you guys are curious as to why they're sooo popular.

Product name: VELVETINES by Lime Crime
Shades: Suedeberry; Red Velevet
Price: P850 (approx US$21.00) but retails US$16.99 on the website

Closer look/Packaging:

Red Velvet


Red Velvet:


When worn:

It applies wet at first but after a minute, it dries matte. (Tip: You can put lipgloss if you want a glossy finish.)


-glossy at first but dries matte
- it has orange undertones which will suit light to medium skintones

final look:


Final look:
- coral/peach color
-great for everyday
-will definitely compliment light to dark skin tone

With lipglosss:



It came in a standard tube but with a really nice design. It is sturdy too.

To be honest, I still struggle until now in applying the lipstain/lipstick on my lips. One trick I tried is applying on the center of my lips first then dragging the color outwards. It is quite "oily" and I have to shake the tube first before I apply it or else the color won't mix with the oil inside the tube (if that makes sense). It is very buildable and does not cake, like you know on normal lipsticks, they don't to "cake" when you applied too much product. Once it has dried, it has a tendency to emphasize the lines of you lips and won't look good if you have chapped lips, so definitely brush or exfoliate your lips before applying and you can also put on  a THIN layer of lip balm to minimize the dry feeling.

Lasting Power:
I would say, it last on me for 3-4 hours without retouching. It does come off if you eat oily food. It is not kiss  proof /transfer proof.

It is such a pain to get them because they are always sold out. Try online stores that carry Lime Crime products and be on the lookout. If you have the extra cash to spare, I definitely recommend for you to buy both colors but if you are on a budget, you can save and just buy Suedeberry. It is more wearable so you can really get your money's worth because you can wear it everyday and the color is not common. The color Red Velvet is a little bit common and can be too "strong or loud" for some.

What I like:
-great colors
-last 3-4 hours or more depending on whether you eat or not
-can be sheer or layered for a more opaque color
-can be layered with other lipsticks
-not sticky

Some  Issues;
-can be drying and emphasizes the lines of the lips
-a little to apply at first
- you have to shake first before applying
-need to be reapplied if you are eating oily food

Will repurchase?
Yes!I am not a fan of red lipsticks but I love the matte finish of this one though, I do not wear it often. I will definitely repurchase Suedeberry!I just love love the color.

Do I recommend it?
If you have the extra money,  get the two colors. But, if you are on a budget, I'd say save up and buy the Suedeberry one because red lip colors are quite standard and most (cheaper) brands carry red lipsticks. Suedeberry is a great, great color which definitely compliments most skin colors and is worth saving up for. :)

I hope you find my review helpful and please do comment down below if you have tried this lipcolors and what you think about them. Or if you have other comments and suggestions please feel free to write them!

Thank you very much for reading my post!
Take care!