Apr 28, 2013


Hi everyone!

Are you guys obsessed with eyeliners? I know I am! hhihiih.. I have been using eyeliners since I started putting on makeup. I for one think that a makeup look is not complete without any eyeliner. It is definitely a must have in every girls kikay kit! 

Today, I am reviewing the Maybelline Eyestudio longlasting Gel liner  in black. I went to the mall  a couple of weeks ago and I saw that they have a sale on Maybelline products and the beauty clerk there told me that since they are releasing a new line of gel liners with better formulation, they are selling their gel liner at 50% off. Ohh boy..was I so happy!! Hahaha... I have been wanting to but their gel liners for so long but I was not able to afford it. I did not care if it is an old formula... as long as it is cheap..(why not chocnut?)I usually get rid of my eyeliners and mascara after 3 to 4 months so I figured this is perfect and I will not regret spending money on something I did not like.
Long story short...I have tried the product and read on if you want to know what I think about!

Name: Maybelline Eyestudio Longlasting Gel liner

Color: 01 Black
Bought from: SM City, Iloilo
Price: P449.00 (approx US$9) but I got it for 50% off at P224.5 (approx US$5)

What the package says: 



Using the brush that it came with, I swatched it on the back of my hand. I smudged it right away. 
I was highly unimpressed!! But here it is after letting the product set for about 30 seconds.

It is definitely waterproof! I had to smudge it a few times in order to take the product off (and it is already wet!). The longer it stays on the skin, the less likely it will smudge easily.

This is me wearing the eyeliner. I find is difficult to use the brush and I could not create a "perfect" wing.

I used it together with my Revlon Whipped Creme Makeup and it stayed on me for more than 6 hours. It was humid that night mind you!



It comes in a cute semitransparent  jar with a lid. It is very sturdy and looks like it will not break easily. The lid can be tightly closed so it won't dry easily. The brush that it came with is okay, I guess. I have not used it a lot because I find it a little difficult to use. But it is quiet handy since it is small and short enough to carry anywhere plus it has its own cover it will not get dirty easily.  I still prefer using a stiff angled brush when lining my eyes though.


The gel liner is very creamy and glides on easily. It does not have a strong odor. The color is very black and when applied, it is shiny at first but turns matte after a few seconds. At first, I thought it was not waterproof nor smudge proof as it claims to be but after about 30 seconds, the product really sticks on my skin and is difficult to smudge and is waterproof.

Lasting power:

As you can see from the pictures, unless you rub your eyes vigorously, the product stays put and does not budge nor crease.

In my case, spending P400+ ($US8) on a gel liner is a little expensive especially since I usually get rid of my eye products such as liquid liners and mascara after 3 to 4 month. But I have read the gel liners can be used for up to a year so I hope this will not dry out easily.
Almost all SM department stores carry Maybelline products so this is not hard to find.

What I like:

- Smudge proof, waterproof
-Easy to find
-Sturdy packaging
-Pigmented and creamy
-Does not irritate my eyes

Some Issues:

- I have only had this for weeks so I'm not sure how long until the product will dry out.


They have released a 36 hour version, so you might want to check it out as well since it claims to be even better than this one.

All in all, I love this product and  I am so happy I bought it! I still use my San San Waterproof Eyeliner pen since it is easier for me but one times when I want a  thinner and much precise wing or if I want to line my lower lash lash line, then this is my go to product. Summer is here in the Philippines so this product is great for those days when you need to look your best and you will be under the sun or you will be out for a long time. So, will I use repurchase this product?Heck yes!! I might try the 36 hour version though! :)

What type of eyeliner do you prefer? Have you tried this product? Please do let me know in the comments down below!!

Thank you for reading and take care!!


Apr 23, 2013


Hi everyone!!

Here is another tutorial featuring my favorite colors for summer: blue, teal and purple. These colors remind me of the sea and the beach. I paired it with a light pink lipstick to keep the look bright and youthful. You will also see my transformation from a super pale me to better looking one..haha!!

Here are the products used:
DIY Glycerin Spray ( 3 parts water + 1 part Glycerin)
Myra E VitaWhite moiturizer
ELF primer
"Teal, Purple, Shimmery Blue and Shimmery cream" eyeshadows all came from the 177 Eyeshadow palette from Miss Bella Cosmetics

Superextend Mascara from Avon
Gel liner from Maybelline

Mememe The Bohobalm Lip and Cheek Tint
Read my review here: http://patrinesthoughts.blogspot.com/2013/04/my-thoughts-mememe-boho-balm-lip-and.html

Natural Makeup powder
Read my review here: http://www.patrinesthoughts.blogspot.com/2013/04/review-natural-makeup-powder-formerly.html

COLORFULL COLOR STAIN LIPSTICKS in Pillow pink from Tupperware
Read my review here: http://www.patrinesthoughts.blogspot.com/2013/03/review-colorfull-color-stain-lipsticks.html

Thank you so much for reading this post!! Please comment below what are your fave colors to well during spring/summer/ 

Take care!!



Hi everyone!

As much as I love my San San Matte Finish foundation, I still need to find a longer lasting foundation with a heavier coverage that will not break my bank. My sister and I have been eyeing the Revlon Colorstay Whipped foundation for months but we find it too expensive for our meager salaries. There are online stores that carry cheap Revlon products but it is quite difficult to find the shade that will match us, so what we did was that we visited Revlon counters in malls and tried which shade is for us. We did plan on buying online but the online stores do not carry our shade. :( We ended up buying in the mall instead which is a little disappointing because the price difference is quite big. it is a good thing that my sister kept her loose change in a coin bank and we were able to afford the product.Yey!

So was is worth it? Read on to know what I think about this product! :)


Price: P995.00 (approx US$25.00)
Bought from: SM Department Store
Color: Natural Ochre

The container is quite big and heavy. It is made of glass with a hard plastic cover and it also has a removable lid to prevent the product from drying.

What it looks inside:


The product really felt like whipped cream. It is thick and has a powdery feel when applied to the skin.


Skin Problems:
-uneven skin tone
-dull skin
I started with the other side of my face first, so that you can see the difference.
The product blends easily and does not have an overwhelming smell. I think I have used too much product though. :) A little goes a long way, so just start with a small amount. 

It gave me a good coverage and evened out my skin tone. It looked too white on me though. 

I do feel the need to set it with powder because it gives a dewy finish to the skin. My face felt smooth and it is like I did not put any foundation on my skin because it feels light. It does not have leave a white cast on me. I did not use any concealer anymore since the product is thick enough can be used a concealer as well.

After a few minutes, it did not look too white on me anymore. I used a translucent powder so it did not add color to my foundation. 
This is me after about 6 hours.My face is definitely shiny, I think not too much. I did not retouch whatsoever. The foundation did not fade and I can still feel the product on my face. 


Personally, I do not like the packaging. It is not hygienic and bulky.

At first, I thought the product will feel heavy on my skin but after I have applied it on my skin, it felt light and made my skin really smooth afterwards. It can be layered and very buildable as well. 

Lasting Power:
It lasted pretty well on my normal to dry skin. I went out for 8 hours and when I went home, it still has a pretty good coverage on my skin. If you are oily, it is best to use a good setting powder.

I find it difficult to choose the right shade because the malls here in the Philippines have limited color selection. I have the same problem with online stores as well. Compared to other drugstore makeup here in the Philippines, malls sell Revlon products a little bit more expensive. For comparison, online stores sell this whipped foundation for P650 (approx $US13.00) while in malls they sell it at P995.00 (approx $US25.00).

What I like:

- long lasting
-evens out my skintone
-feels light and makes my skin feel smooth
-buildable coverage
-no pungent smell
-did not break me out
-minimal white cast

Some Issues:

- A little pricey for me
- It is a little tricky to find the right shade
-not hygienic
-the container is bulky


- Blend using your fingers. I find that using your fingers warms the product making it easier to blend.
- If you have acne scars, use a stippling brush to stipple the product on to the skin.
-Make sure to test the foundation before buying, it might come off too light at first, but changes color after a few minutes.
-Use a moisturizer and /or primer before applying the foundation. This will make it easier to blend as it provides a smoother canvas for the foundation.

All in all, I am in love with this foundation. I use is only on special occasions or on time when I need a heavier coverage but you can use this for everyday if you want. I will definitely repurchase this once I run out.

How about you? Have you tried this foundation? Please do tell me what foundations you love/hate on the comment section below!!

Thank you for reading my blog!!Take care!!


Apr 18, 2013


Hi everyone!!

Is it just me or is it suppperrr hot here in the Philippines? It so summer na! Anyway, I have been wanting to get my hands on the Ben Nye Banana powder for so long but unfortunately, it is always sold out. I wanted to use a light weight powder to set my makeup because I feel like using pressed powder or powder foundation on top of my foundation is just too much for me. A friend of mine suggested this powder and I also read a lot of positive reviews on this so, why not give it a try? 

I bought this from Hot Shop by Kat Roxas for P500.00 (US$12 approx). 
I got really intrigued after reading the caption. Here is what it says:
"Dodo Company (Korea), the manufacturer of Palgantong has changed its name to 3W Clinic since 2009. ALL NEW versions of palgantong powder now use the name of 3W Clinic. (In Korea) This is the professional version used by professional backstage make-up artists and are imported directly from Korea. PALGANTONG was first launched in Korea in 1999. It is very popular among Korean Movie Stars and 4 out of 5 Korean ladies have tried this amazing power. Firstly, it was only introduced to professional make-up artists, such as those who worked for Korean TV broadcast stations like SBS and KBS. In 1989, more professional make-up artists started to use the theatrical powder. The 3W Clinic Professional Natural Makeup Powder is very well known product to entertainers. Some fair/white skin asian women tend to look more chubby and fleshy during photoshoots. This is why Korean actresses depend on this powder to give them a better result in front of the camera. Since 1999, this best hit product has been selling well to non-entertainers too. It is now the best selling powder in Korea, Japan and Hongkong, recording 600 million selling products from 2002 to 2006 in Japan's critical cosmetic market. Therefore, it was selected as Japan’s Top Hit product and secures the 1st selling position in Japan's loose powder section. Slimming Effect : Makes your face look slimmer with a three-dimension effect caused by light reflections Long Lasting Effect : Strong against water or sweat. Does not stain/smudge easily. Excellent long lasting functional powder Blooming Effect : The scattering effect of the light-scattering power creates bright and splendid skin. Super Hydrating Effect : Maintains your skin's moisture all day long. It prevents moisture evaporation and thus creating silky skin Non Comedogenic"

 The label around the box and the container itself is in Korean, so I have no idea what it says. 

It comes in a red container. It comes with a huge white sponge as well. It comes two shades, mine is 23 since I am medium toned. If you have a pinkish tone and more on the mestiza side, you can opt for shade 21.

The inside looks like this: 

- I was surprised when I opened the  package because half of the space inside the container was for the sponge itself. I thought it contained more. 
- The holes are quite big so I did not take off the sticker all the way. Instead, I peeled of only a third of the sticker so that I won't dispense too much product.

-The product is finely milled and colored light beige with a slight touch of pink. It does not have an overwhelming smell but it has a slight floral scent. It feels very soft and smooth.

 -After I have applied it on the back of my hand, my skin felt really smooth . It also has a slight color.
- On my face, I applied it using a different sponge. I did not like the sponge that it came with so I used a normal makeup sponge and with a dabbing motion, dabbed it around my face. When applied too much, it might give a hint of white but turns translucent once blended well on the skin using a powder brush. 
- It is very lightweight and settled on top of my foundation without making it look cakey.

-No white cast! yey!
- It did not completely mattify my skin though, but gave it a nice "not oily" look.


The container is a little bulky, so I transfer some of it to a smaller container so that it will be easier to carry around. I do not use the sponge that it came with because it is made of cloth and does not pick up the product well.

For the price, you will be able to get 30 grams and you don't have to use a lot of the product so for me, it is quite affordable. Plus there are a number of online stores that you can buy them from. 

It does set my foundation well without adding any color. I think if you really want a super matte look then you can apply more but in my case, I want it to look natural and not completely flat. Plus the subtle light refelecting properties make my face really look nice in pictures!

Lasting Power:
I think in Korea, this will be long lasting but it has no match for our weather here in the Philippines. I mean, if you stay in doors then of course, there is no problem but if you go out  or like me, ride a jeep, then you have to reapply again after about 2 to 3 hours. 

What I like:
-Makes my skin feel super smooth.
- Sets my foundation and does not cake.
-I love the smell.
- Quite affordable
-does not give me a white cast

Some Issues:
-the sponge is not good and get dirty easily
-the packaging is bulky

-Use a sponge to dab the product all of the face and use a large powder brush to sweep away the excess product.

Do I recommend this powder?
Yes! Definitely!! I do not use a powder foundation on top of my liquid foundation. I will repurchase once I run out but I doubt I will run out soon. :)