Apr 9, 2014


Hi guys!This past few months has been very busy for me. There were a lot of major changes that happened and I 'm so glad that I was able to sort things out and I am finally able to sit down and write a post about something that I have been crazy about for months since I got it. I am pretty excited actually because if you have been following me on Instagram, you would see that I wear this often. So without further adieu, here is my swatch and review of the LIME CRIME VELVETINE in PINK VELVET. :)

Price: Philippines: P750-P1250 US website: US$ 20
Where you can buy:
Philippines: Sumwearco

Description from on the website:

Ground-breaking formula that goes on liquid and dries completely matte. Touch-proof, transfer-proof, long-wearing and utterly addictive!


Ingredients: Isododecane, Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Cyclopentasiloxane, Kaolin, Dimethicone, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Synthetic Beeswax, Silica Dimethyl Silylate, Flavor (Aroma), Tocopheryl Acetate, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Propylene Carbonate. May Contain [+/-]: Titanium Dioxide CI 77891, Red 7 Lake CI 15850:1, Red 6 CI 15850, Red 30 Lake CI 73360, Red 28 Lake CI 45410:2. VEGAN/CRUELTY-FREE.


Just like the two other Lime Crime velvetines, Pink Velvet is also in a thick, see-through glass tube and you can really see the color. I kind of like this type of packaging because I don't have to check the lid and I can easily see what product I'm getting. Another thing,the brush is shorter compared to the other two velvetines. The brush easily fits the contours of my lips which makes application much easier.


It is a very vibrant dark pink color.It is very opaque. and pigmented. I do admit that it can be tricky at first but once you get the hang of it, application is super easy. One swipe is enough but if you want to layer it some more, you have to wait a few seconds until it is dry then you can apply the next layer. Like the previous ones, it is glossy at first but becomes completely matte after a few seconds. Do note that it is a little difficult to remove. In my case I use a wetwipe with a little bit of makeup remover or petroleum jelly to thoroughly erase the product from my lips. Since it is very matte, it can be drying and does settle on the lines of the lips. Applying a thin layer of lip balm lessens the dryness without affecting the longevity and color pay off of the product.

 It is very flattering on most skin tones. At first, I was a little hesitant to wear it because it seems too loud for me bur after awhile, I felt comfortable and it has never left my "kikay" kit ever since I first used it.


One thing that I love the most about Velvetines is their lasting power! I mean..it is just amazing!It can last me for more than 6 hours. I can drink water and eat a sandwich without worrying that it will come off. I do notice that when I eat something oily, a little bit comes off. I don't eat at work though, I just drink water and I can be working for 4 hours to 8 hours straight without retouching and it does not come off. I don't have any problems with peeling either  I would not say that it looks exactly the same though because the inner parts of my mouth do look a little bit lighter as compared to the edges.

Here are the other shades of Velvetines that I have.You can read my previous post to see more swatches and read my thoughts about them.


Well, it is a little bit pricey than other lipsticks but I really don't mind because I get something that is very opaque and long-lasting. It is quite difficult to get them though, because they are always sold out on the website but  there are other online stores on Facebook and  Instagram that re-sell them.


What I like:
-sturdy packaging
-nice color
-very long-lasting
- very opaque

Some issues:
-can be a little drying to the lips
- a little difficult to remove
-can emphasize the lines on the lips

Do I recommend it?
YES! It it is truly worth the price.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoyed it! Here is my video swatch and review of the three velvetines that I have!



Feb 25, 2014

Review: Sandra Brush Set from Beauty Cosmetics

Hi there!!

I for one, love to look all dolled up and pretty! But sometimes, it is nice to look fresh and simple yet presentable, right? Here is my video on how to achieve a simple and fresh day makeup look.

In this video, I used a brush set from Beauty Cosmetics.I know right? This is my third set and I just love love them! Here is my full review, I hope you find it useful!! :)

Brush Set Name: Sandra Set
Price: P1,200
Brought from: Beauty Cosmetics
Brushes: 10
Color: Red and black handle
Hair: Natural and one synthetic

Here are close up pictures of each brushes. I will try to describe each and tell you what I think about them. :)

1. Tapered Fluffy bronzing/blush  brush
This brush is great for applying blush. It is very soft and fluffy! This is my sister's fave brush. It does not pick up a lot of the product but  blends is able to blend it well on the cheeks. It is also a great bronzing brush because it distributes the product evenly especially on the forehead and jawline.

2. Dual Fiber Stippling Brush

I use this brush to apply my foundation if I want a sheer finish. I also use this to blend cream blushes.

3. Round Large Powder Brush
I use this brush to set my foundation with a powder. It is big enough to cover large areas of my face which makes the job faster. 

4. Foundation Brush
Looks familiar? This is the reason why I bought this brush set. This looks like something from Real Techniques. I can say that I am not disappointed because it does the job really well. It makes foundation application easier and faster. 

5. Flat Contour Brush
Oh my! I am in love with this brush! This is great for contouring the sides of the nose and the hallows of the cheeks as well. 

6. Blending Brush

I use this brush to blend the edges of my eyeshadow. It is able blend well.

7. Fluffy Blending Brush
I use this brush to blend my crease area. The bristles are long and soft so it is perfect for applying/blending eyeshadows in the crease area.

8. Dense Blending Brush

I am not really sure if that it how it is called but I noticed that this brush is much more dense and I prefer so it is not good for blending eyeshadows. I prefer using this to blend my concealer and it is perfect!

9. Stiff Slanted Brush

I use this brush to fill in my eyebrows and apply eyeliner.

10. Lip Brush/Concealer Brush

I am not sure if this is a concealer brush or a lip brush, but I use this to apply lipcolor.


What I like:

              • Affordable
              • Nice, sturdy handles
              • does not shed
              • very soft 
              • easy to clean
              • dries fast
Some Issues:
              • Did not come with a bag/brush holder
              • the set did not come with a flat shader brush or an eyeshadow brush

All in all, I really recommend this brush set. I mean for price, you get good quality brushes. I do hope they do come in a bag/pouch next time and maybe they can add flat eyeshadow brush maybe?

Thank you for reading my post! What is your favorite brush set/brand? Please do share in the comments below!

Take care!


Feb 13, 2014

My Mini WetnWild Haul + Mini Review!

Hi there! My gosh… I can’t believe I was not able to blog for so long. My January to February schedule has been sooo C-R-A-Z-Y!! I cannot wait to finish all the things that I need to do so that I can blog regularly again. I have so many stuff to tell you guys that they keep on piling and looking at my makeup storage makes me feel anxious. I have a lot of unopened stuff ad things that I haven’t used but and has been sitting there for almost a month. I just wish I have more time! For the meantime, I have this clever idea that instead of reviewing one item, I decided to group them especially if I got them together and then add a short review and swatches. That way, I don’t have to dedicate a lot of time and effort in writing about just one product and you, my dear reader won’t have to spend a lot of time and effort to read about just one item. Do I make sense? I really hope I do…..

Anyway, today’s haul/mini review is all about WetnWild. I got them about a month ago from my mom. She is currently in the US so it is easy for her to get this stuff. I don’t have a lot of Wetnwild products but I do have some of their eyshadow palletes and I love them. In the Philippines, there are not a lot of stores that carry WetnWild products. I do see some Facebook shops that sell them but usually, they only have 1 or 2 item per product so if you see one you like then you have buy it asap. However, if you like WetnWild products, I think one of the best place to buy is Zalora, since they do have a bunch of WetnWild products there, plus its free shipping so you  (and I) might want to check their site.
Now on to my haul/mini review:

v  WetnWild Coloricon Blush in Heather Silk
·         What I like:
o   Very Pigmented
o   Matte
o   Stays on for long time
·         Some issues:
o   A little powdery
·         Other thoughts:
o   Since it is very pigmented, apply using a dual fiber brush or tap the brush first to get rid of excess powder so that you won’t end up applying too much on your cheeks.

v  WetnWild Coloricon Eyeshadow Palette in Petal Pusher
Ø  What I like:
·         Pigmented
·         Nice color variety
·         Easy to blend

Ø  Some issues:     
§  A little powdery
§  Packaging looks cheap
§  Would have been nicer if it contains matte colors

v  WetnWild lipsticks in Red Velvet, Cherry Picking, Stoplight red
Ø  What I like:
§  Very pigmented
§  No strong odor
§  Leaves a stain
§  Lasts a long time (2-6 hours depending on what you eat)
§  Very nice colors
Ø  Some issues:
§  Cheap packaging
§  Can be drying to the lips
Ø  Other thoughts
§  Apply a thin layer of lipbalm before applying the lipstick and use a lip brush to make application easier
§  Try applying a lipliner first to prevent lipstick from bleeding

Overall Thoughts:
                I love these products! I really wish I could buy more. However, if I can recommend just one..I’d say go for the lipsticks! They are definitely one of my fave lipsticks ever! Affordable yet stays on for a long time!
Thank you very much for reading my post! I hope I could a more detailed post soon! So what are your recent finds? What Wetnwild product have you tried and like/dislike? Please do share in the comments down below!!

Take care!!

Jan 3, 2014


Hi everyone!!

Wow! Time flies soo fast! I can't believe that it's  2014!. 2013 has brought me a lot of blessings and wonderful experiences that I will never forget. One of them is of course being one of the  Avon Blogger Council member. Sadly, December is our last month and I feel bad because I haven't reviewed a lot of their products. Nevertheless, I promised myself to do more posts about Avon products since I had the opportunity to receive goodies from them! I'm sure that a lot of my Filipina readers would want to know what products from Avon I highly recommend.

As my first post this year, here are the stuff the I have received from Avon  for the month of November and December. I was not able to post the November products because I just got them together with the December products. So here are pictures of the stuff that I got!!

1.AVON Holiday pallete

  • The Greens, The Blues, The Metallics

These babies are sparkly lipsticks. They're small and skinny and the packaging looks really elegant and nice. Some are quite sheer and others are pigmented enough. I will do a separate review on these on my next blog post.

3.  Eyeshadow Duet

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw these. They're really cute and I don't own a lot of eyeshadow pencils so I think these can be use as a base or a cream eyeshadow on their own.

4.  Glimmersticks Cosmic Eyeliners

Oohh...excited to try these too! I love eyeliners so this will definitely spice things up a bit. They seem fragile though, like they might break or something.

5. Glimmerstick Lip Liners
They look promising right? They are very pigmented and I have used the red one and the mauve-y one and they definitely made my lipstick last longer.

6. AVON Glazewear Vitaluscious Lip Gloss

I have only tried one or two of them so far, but they seem to be good and not sticky at all. 

7. AVON Color Fold-up Palette

When I went to the AVON branch to get my stuff, the manager was excited to show me this. He told me to open the box because he was very proud of this product. I was quite impressed actually. The packaging is really good and sturdy. There were a variety of colors inside. My favorites were the blush colors. Can't wait to do a separate post on this too!

8. AVON KOHL Eyeliners

I actually have two, one was black and the other one was brown. I immediately fell in love with the brown that's why it is currently lost in my purse/makeup bag/ makeup cabinet and so I was not able to take a picture of it. Hopefully, I can do a separate post of this too!

Soo..that was it! By the way, what did you get for Christmas? I wanted to buy more makeup but since I got a lot of stuff from Avon, I decided to forego ( for now..) until I was able to try using all of them. I sometimes feel that I have a lot of makeup..but then again.. a girl can never have too much makeup right?

Anyway, thank you for reading my post! Hope you have a great year!! 
Take care!!

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