Dec 27, 2012

Pretty and Chic for Less!!

Hello there!

The $20 Makeup Challengee tag has become so popular among Youtube gurus this year. Heavy weights such as Dulce Candy and Michelle Phan has their own take on this challenge. Though it is nice to watch these videos, I for one could not really relate because most of the products cannot be found in the Philippines plus (for me) it still quite expensive. It is a good thing that the 500 peso challenge is gaining popularity among Pinay Youtube gurus. I have watched a bunch of these videos but the one that really stood out was Ana Victorino's P500 Makeup challenge. She used products that were easily accessible and her look turned out great! 

She looked fresh and pretty! This simply shows that you dont have to shell out a huge amount of money took this good. :)

Ms Victorino is definitely one of my favorite Youtube guru. She has a come a long way and is becoming a top Pinay youtube guru.   She is also currently doing a 2nd year anniversary giveaway on her blog. She is giving away awesome prizes!! I would love to win any of the gifts sets ( gift set 1 or 2 would be best!hihihi).

Dec 24, 2012

Cheap finds:Shimmery Roll on Eyeshadows

Hello everyone!! 

I love makeup and I love buying makeup stuff!! But, I dont have a lot of money so most of the time, I cannot afford high end makeup brands. But that does not stop me from buying makeup products, and there is nothing more excyting than finding a product that is cheap and affordable but is super useful. So, I decided to make a series here in my blog where I  tell you about certain cheap products that I am currently loving or hating. 

 (Of course, let me just tell you that I dont  have sensitive skin, so I am not really afraid of trying out products.)

Let's get the ball rolling!!

Here are two roll-on shimmer eyeshadows that I bought from a store here in Iloilo (UNITOP). I dont think you can find them in department stores though. I think you will be able to find them in "downtown" areas. I wanted to buy some cheap falsies when they caught my eye and I kind of thught the colors were really nice. I swatched them and I liked how it felt on my skin and the color pay off was good as well. The price is only P19.00 so I decided to buy them. 

They were from a brand OILY.The packaging says: Delicate Rainbow Eyeshadow Powder.

I used the white eyeshadow on my inner corners and blended it to the blue eyeshadow.

I have used the white shimmer shadow on my eyelids and as a highlighter as well and it gives a wonderful gold/yellow shimmer. 

I have not used the gold eyeshadow yet, but I will update this entry once I have used it on my lids. 

Here are the things that I liked about these eyeshadows:
Cheap (P19.00)
The roll-on ball thingy  applied the product well
No smell
Adheres to the skin
The powder itself feel smooth and not grainy
Can be used as an eyeshadow/highlighter

Here are the things that you might not like:
Might be difficult to find
Ingredients are not listed 

Over all, I LOVE these shadows and I have not experienced any allergic reactions to them so I might purchase other colors as well. :)

So what do you think? Do you have other makeup finds that are really great but cheap?

Dec 23, 2012

Makeup Challenge Day : 6


I was born with somewhat long-ish and curly lashes so I never really had ro waer false eyelashes on a daily basis. My only problem is that my lashes are quite thin but I use mascara to fix that. Whenever I do tutorilas or if I have to go somewhere really special, then I do use falses eyelashes. I usually cut them in have and put them on the outer part of my eyes. I think it looks more natural that  way. I dont buy expensive lashes though. I buy cheap ones that costs around 10-25 pesos. I rarely re-use them anyway,( I am very prone to eye infections).

These are just of the lashes that I use on my videos.:)
They cost around 10-25 pesos. 

Dec 20, 2012

Winter Inspired Look (for a giveway ) using Beauty Cosmetics Smokey Eye Brush Kit

This is my entry to My Burlesque's giveaway. I was very interested to join this giveaway because I have never tried doing a "themed" look before, plus the prizes were really good so it was worth a try. In this tutorial, I used my WetnWild "I love matte" palette and of course my Beauty Cosmetics smokey eye kit for this. I love how it turned out!

Products used:

Cream Foundation from Pinkies collection
Pressed powder from the Face Shop

ELF Primer
I love Matte palette from WetnWild
Nichido White Eyeshadow Pen
Nichido liquid eyeliner
Avon Supextend Mascara
False lashes from random Chinese store
Shimmery white/yellow eyeshadow/highlighter from a random store. (no name, but it costs P19.00!!)

Tony moly lip and cheek tint

Makeup Challenge Day 6

30 day Makeup Challenge day 6: Do you like/wear false lashes? If yes, strip or individual?

Beauty Cosmetics Smokey Eye Travel Kit

I dont know why, but everytime I go out somewhere, even for work or before when I was studying, I always carry a huge bag and 80% of my bag's content is mostly makeup/kikay kit. That is the reason why I always have to buy a bag after maybe 3 to 4 months because I put a lot of things in them. One of my "must haves" in my bag are my makeup brushes. I dont really know why but to be honest, I carry with me a huge pencil case and this is where I put the brushes that I bring. I have brushes for my eyebrows ( for kilay emergencies), eyeshadows and powder brushes. It might see ridiculous but I tend to feel very uneasy if forget to bring my brushes. I do think that it is quite inconvenient to bring a huge pencil case with my brushes inside  them plus it is a little heavy and takes up a lot of space. 

Anyway, I recently purchased a Smokey Eye Travel kit from Beauty Cosmetics and am I quite happy with it. I got it for 300 pesos and I ordered 2 sets, one for my sister and one for me. I

Here are the detailed pictures of the set:
 It came in a pink pouch. I was actually surprised that it was smaller than I expected. The picture in Facebook looked bigger but when I checked the picture again, it does say that it is 5 inches.

The case is very small and compact.It hardly takes up any space.  It is cute and stylish as well. 

Here are a closer look of the brushes: 

 I use the precision brush to smudge my eyeliners and it is flexible enough that it can smudge the product without making it look muddy. I use the lip brush to line my waterline.
 The angle brush is good for eyebrows. However, it picks up a lot of eyebrow powder so be sure to swipe some of it off at the back of your hand before using it on your eyebrows. The pencil brush is great for applying eyeshadow on the crease area.
  •  I am not really a fan of the eye shader brush. I think it is not dense enough to pick up color.
  •  I use the flat eyeliner brush to apply eyeshadow to the inner corner of my eyes.

Of all the brushes in this kit, this is my favorite. Both are dense enough to pick up color and transfer the color to my lids. Using the angle shading brush on my outer corners really makes a difference and makes making a smokey eye look super easy. I use the dome blending brush to blend my eye shadows especially on my crease and brow bone as well. 

Things that I like:
  • Affordable 
  • small and compact
  • picks up colors easily
  • does not shed
  • fibers are soft and smooth
Things that you might not like:
  •  its less than 6 inches I believe, so if you have big hands, you might think its too small
  • its a little difficult to clean, I tried wiping it with baby wipes, I had a hard time wiping off the product
  • the lip brush does not come with a plastic cover thingy, so if you use use it as a lip brush, you have to be careful to keep it clean
I recommend this to people like me who are on a budget but looking for good eye shadow brushes or to anyone who travels like to keep an eye brush kit handy. 

All in all, I like this a lot. I don't have to carry a lot of brushes anymore. I haven't tried brushes from Sigma and other more famous brand of brushes but I can definitely say that I will continue using these brushes. 

Dec 19, 2012

Makeup Challenge Day 5

30 DAY MAKEUP CHALLENGE DAY 5: Favorite lipstick, favorite lip gloss, and lip liner?


Lipstick for me was never a big deal. I could say that I am more of an eyeshadow person rather than a lisptick person.But I have realized that eyeshadows should somehow "match" the lipstick. 

As of now, I am still experimenting with lipsticks but since I like "smokey" looks, my current favorite lipstick is kind of a nude-y peach lipstick called Angel Berry from Color collection. It is cheap, glides smoothly, and does not have that "old lipstick" smell. 


So far, this is my favorite lipliner. I got this last year when my mom went to the States. It Loreal but I cant remember the exact name anymore. It is a gorgeous pink color that can be worn on its own or topped with a lipstick.

pls excuse my droopy eyelids :)

 My favorite "everyday lip" look is when I combine them. They look really fresh and girly.

As of now, I dont have a favorite lipgloss,so maybe next time.

That's all for now. See you!! :)

Dec 17, 2012



I am not comfortable going out with a "naked" face. I need to have some sort of coverage because my skin is very pale and I look sick if I don't have any foundation or tinted moiturizer. Currently, I do not have a holygrail foundation and what I use on my face depends on where I'd go and what I'd be doing. 
ME: no makeup, just filled my eyebrows a little bit

So, instead of my favorite foundation, I will juts blog about what foundation is CURRENTLY use on a daily basis. :)


I used to love the Precious Mineral BB Cream from Etude House but when I ran out, there was no stock for shade #3 which was the shade I was using. I tried this BB cream and I love it. It is on the  oily side but that's okay with me. The color suits me well and the price is not bad also. 

It can be a little oily/shiny at first but once I set it with powder, it is okay.

Look Ma! no white cast :)

Pinkies Collection Cream Foundation

I discovered this foundation on Youtube because many Filipino beauty gurus have been raving about it.When I saw Ms Say's demo and review about ii, I was sold. Unfortunately, we don't have this in Iloilo so when I went to Manila, I immediately bought one. I love using this especially when I need to go somewhere special or on time when I need to have more coverage. I was very impressed with this. It offers full to medium coverage and lasts on my skin as well.

HOW TO: "No makeup " Makeup look (Using a beauty sponge)

 I just uploaded a video of my "No makeup" makeup look and here are some of the snapshots from the video. Id updating this post for other pictures and more details. Bye for now! :)

Here is the video by the way :)


I filmed a video on how to use a beauty sponge or beauty blender. I still need to edit the video because it did not turn out right. Most of the clips were shot at a different light and my bronzer and blush was not that visible. So...I decided to just list here the uses of a beauty sponge instead. Just in case I don't have a video to show for it.

1. Blend and minimizes streaks and "cakiness" when using a cream foundation.

2. It can be used to apply liquid foundation. Just be sure to wet the sponge so that it wont absorb much of the product.

3. To  make liquid foundation last longer, instead of using a brush to apply finishing powder, use a sponge instead. Be sure to dap the sponge on your powder AND DO NOT SWIRL it around your powder or any powder product as it will destroy your sponge.

4. It can be used to apply bronzer and can be used to contour the cheeks and nose as well. Light dab the rounded end of the sponge to the hollows of your cheeks while doing a fishy face. Use the pointed part of the sponge to contour your nose. This will make it look more natural and will also make your bronzer last longer. 

5.Use the rounded end to apply your powder or cream blush. since the sponge is wet, your blush on will look more natural on your skin.

6. If you applied too much bronzer or blush just dab your beauty sponge to your powder and dab it all over  your cheeks. The sponge will absorb some of the color and will make it look more natural.

7. To make your makeup last longer, instead of using a brush, set your makeup using the beauty sponge. It will lock in your foundation and wont let it slide. :)

By the way , I bought my beauty sponge from Etude house and it costs P370. I saw one in Divisorria that was similar to the Etude house beauty sponge it costs only 80 pesos. :)

Dec 16, 2012



Hello Guys!! Third day! WOOHHHOOO!!!

I drank a cup of coffee + milo so I feel extra charged tonight!! I hope my brain is working well.

When I read today's challenge, I really cannot think of any favorite makeup brand( Im assuming it means makeup brand since it makeup challenge.. duuh) because honestly, the number thing that comes to my mind before buying a product is how much it costs. If something is more than 1000 pesos, I really have to think it twice or thrice before purchasing it.Another thing I think about is whether I'd be able to use that product for a long time and I don't have to keep repurchasing it. Products like mascaras and eyeliners (except gel liners), I tend to buy cheaper ones because I have this tendency to have sore eyes or sty at least twice or thrice a year ( dont know why!!!)  so I have change them every 3 to 4 months.

So back to the challenge, I mentally wnet through all my makeup and I realized that most of my makeup are either from WetnWild and Avon. I have to narrow it down to only one. So, I thought of  of reasons why I buy from those brands.

So..after thinking.......WetnWild it is! I realized that I really look for this brand everytime I shop  for makeup. Of course, the price is an important factor but I buy their products because I know that it is good and the price I am paying for is so worth it. They are crazy cheap especially if you buy online.  Their eyeshadows are pigmented and there color range is good. They have shimmery, metallic and matte eyeshadows. I love their lipliner, lipsticks and tinted moisturizer as well.I find that most of the products that I tried from them are really good. 

With Avon, it is sad to say that  I mostly buy their product mainly because they're cheap and I dont have to pay cash for it. But unfortunately, I really hope that they can amp up there products a little bit. I do like some of their lispticks but I hate their moiture rich lipsticks because they melt and it super creamy in a BAD way. Also, the color range of their foundation cannot cater to most Pinays and I just dont think it is woth shelling out 400-500 pesos for a foundation that wont match your skin. 
These are some of their products that I use a lot lately. 

So I would like to end this post with a picture of my babies!! They are sleeping outside my room.... :)

PS: I buy my Wetnwild products from a Auction Shop in Facebook. I bought my I love matte palette for 100pesos. The color blue was slightly damaged but it was alright. It was sealed and I read the expiration date. It was in 2014. I have been using it and so far, I have had no reactions. :)

Here is the link: