Aug 4, 2013

My Picks and Review: San San Single Eyeshadows

Hi everyone!!

Ever since I was young, my favorite makeup product have always been eye shadows and I am not so much  into neutral and brown ones. The brighter and shimmery they are, the more I love them!
I like wearing bright eye shadows when I was in college..ooohhh those were my makeup naive days! I must have looked weird sporting green eyeshadow during my clinical duty in the hospital.....

Anyway, today..I'm reviewing the San San individual eye shadows that were recently released in HBC outlets here in the Philippines. There were 20 shades but I only got four of them  plus my sister bought one I decided to include that here. I feel like I have the other shades already and so I did not feel the need to buy them all... I say "need" because if I have the money, I will buy them all! hihiihh...

Product name: San San Individual Eyeshadow
Price: P50,00 per shade (approx US$1.2)
Bought  from: HBC store in Gaisano City, Iloilo
Shades Bought: Warm Copper Fire, Turquoise Blue, Amethyst Purple, Cotton Candy Pink, Golden Chiffon

The line were a mix of matte shimmery shades. They were housed individually in light blue, plastic container.

Swatches and close up pictures:
 Cotton Candy Pink:
This is what my sister got for herself. It is a very shimmery champagne pink that picks up a lot of light.
 Warm Copper Fire: This is a matte, warm, brown shade that is actually not so pigmented. However, this is great for contouring the nose and cheekbones especially for those with medium skin tone like moi. I also like using this to deepen my crease as well.
 Golden Chiffon: This is yellow gold with shimmer. It is not that pigmented has to be layered in order to get a good color pay off. Like Cotton Candy pink, this also picks up a lot of light.
 Purple Amethyst: This one is a more a light purple with shimmer as well. I chose this because I think I do not have this eye shadow color yet. It is quite pigmented too.
Turquoise Blue: This is actually my favorite of the five but this color is something I have difficulty wearing. It is a light mint green/teal color that is just so cool and refreshing to look at however, I feel like it will not compliment my skin tone. But I bought it anyway, I figured I will find way to wear this someday.

I have tried them on and here are  some of the looks that I created: 

Overall thoughts:

The packaging is light and since the lid is clear, I can readily see the color of the eyehadow which to me is pretty convenient. Plus, the lid is attached to the container, so I will not have a problem losing it. I am not sure as to how sturdy they are though. But, I have dropped them twice now and they see to hold up quite well.

The shadows are very compact and except for the Turquoise blue, they are not powdery at all. I think the reason why my swatch with the Turquoise blue is powdery because I swirled my finger around the product and I picked up a lot of the product. There were very little fall off during makeup application which is something I really like. They were also quite pigmented and has no foul or plastic smell. I find that it is better to use your finger or a natural "haired" brush to pick up the product. Using a primer will also bring out the color more and make it appear more vibrant. They very easy to blend as well.

Lasting power:
I have used them without primer and it last up to 8 hours on my lids. But then again, I have dry lids so I do not usually have a problem with creasing. 

If you think about it, buying all the 20 shades will cost P1000 which is affordable. You get a lot of product for only P50 and you can only choose the colors that you want to buy.


What I like:
-good color pay off
- minimal fall out

Some issures:
- they only had 5 matte shades, wish they have more

I highly recommend getting the Warm copper fire shade. It is a very nice brown shade that can be used for eyebrows and can be used as a contouring powder. I recommend this makeup beginners, enthusiasts and artists since they are quite affordable and good quality products. 

Thank you for reading my post!
How about you? What is your favorite eyeshadow color? Please do share your thoughts on the comment section below!!

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  1. Hi! I am really enjoying your blog. So, I nominate you for the Liebster Award. Please see my blog post for details.
    Salamat po.

  2. Very nice. I like the turquoise, purple and golden colors. :D


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