Jul 29, 2013

Makeup Tutorial: Simple and Classy Makeup (Red lips!) + Review of Blush/Contour Palette from Miss Bella PH

Hi everyone!

I have always been very intimidated by red lipsticks. I usually stay away from buying red lipcolors preferring nudes and pinks. To be honest, it's not just about red lipsticks actually, I don't like bold lip colors because I feel that it makes me look old and grabs too much attention. Now that I'm thinking about it, it all boils down to my personality. I don't like getting attention. I prefer being in the sidelines, cheering and supporting others. Anyway, why am talking about myself here? Oh right...I made a makeup tutorial using red focusing more on the lips. I have seen a lot of makeup similar makeup tutorials and to be honest, I have never thought I could pull off this look, but I think I did a good job.... I also contoured my cheeks and instead of using usual eye shadows, I used the Miss Bella PH Blush/Contour Palette for my eyelids. I am also including a review of this palette in this post just because I feel like it.

Selfie mode!!

Here is the tutorial:

I am quite satisfied with this look. I have never tried this before but I think this will look great in any event. Of course you can tone it down for day events and opt to brighter reds or maybe a bright pink. For this look, I chose a long wearing lipstick such as the Lime Crime Velvetine in Red Velvet and used a red lip liner underneath.(swatches here) It is important to use a long wearing lip color especially if the focus of the look is more on the lips. For blush, I used a light pink shade to compliment my red lips. Tip: Choose your lipcolor according to your blush or vice versa. If you're wearing a red lip that choose pinks, if you are using a coral lip shade that you choose a coral/orange toned blush as well. 

So here is me review of the palette:

Price: P550
Where: Miss Bella PH

I do know for a fact that this is the fourth product from Miss Bella Ph and I just can't help it. I love there products. My sister had been asking me to buy this palette for almost a month and when I messaged Miss Bella  PH that I want to order this product, I was so happy when they replied that they're going to send it to me for free. Yey! I have been using this palette almost everyday especially when I contour my nose and cheeks. Anyway, here are the swatches and the colors.

It came in the same packaging as their other palettes. This one has six products. Two blushes, two highlighters and two contour powders. Each pan is actually large. It is about 2 inches in diameter. All of them are matte finish. They are a little powdery so be sure to tap it off before directly applying the product to your face.

 This one has  MICA which can allergic to some so if you have sensitive skin you might want to use a primer before applying this product.


They are all quite pigmented and easily blended. They do last well on me and I have tried using them on my lids without a primer and it lasted on my the whole day.  (I do not have dry lids to start with.)

Me, wearing the light pink shade in my cheeks.

What I like:
-can suit different skin colors

Some Issue:
-I wish they put a mirror in the packaging

All in all, this is a fairly useful product. I recommend this so makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts alike. If you like contouring and is looking for an affordable product, then this one might be for you. I really like their contour powder. It is not muddy and does not have a "reddish" tint to it. It also shows up on my NW30 skintone. I might buy another one for my sister since we're sharing it for now and I want to have one of my own.

I hope you find this post informative. Please do share your thoughts below. What do you think of contour powders?ARe you a "red" lipstick girl? I want to read what you think!!

Take care!

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