Jul 8, 2013


Hi everyone!

I have been MIA for more than a week, I guess.I have been meaning to post this last week but I have been sick and the weather is sooo not helping! Aside from my supah runny nose headache, I had a ton of errands to do. I am really in awe of other bloggers out there who can find the time to make blog posts once or twice a day despite their busy schedule. I, on the other hand work 8 hours a day, online...with a flexible schedule (meaning I can choose mu work time) and yet , I just have no time to post at all. Anyway, enough complaining, as you can see from the title above, this is what I think about the 4U2 DREAMGIRL TWILIGHT CONCEALER. I have seen this first on Say Tioco's video and even though our skin color is different, I got impressed by the product and wanted to try it too. It took a while though, because they always had no stock of this at our local department store so when I saw it a month ago, I immediately grabbed it. :)

Let's get on with the review.....

Price: P165.00 (approc US$3)
Bought from: Sm City Iloilo Department Store

It came in a "triangular" tube with a dome-shaped applicator.

*When blended and taken with flash.

It comes in only one shade and the color is more of a beige color with pinkish undertone. This will suit girls with light to medium skin color. It is very opaque so a little goes a long way. The consistency  product is not too liquidy but not too creamy. It is very easy to blend and does not settle on lines.

*My undereyes without any product. I  have neutral undertones so pinkish tones work on me as well. I do not have really dark undereye circles  but I have eyebags so it creates a shadow making it look like I have dark undereyes.

Tip: Blend the concealer using dabbing motions with the ring finger to really deposit the product. 

*Both undereyes with concealer.

It did make my undereyes a little bit lighter. However, the color is too light for my skin. I have to mix this with my other concealer to achieve the right amount of color that will suit me. For spots, it is too light so I mainly use this under my eyes and highlighting my nose bridge and forehead.

What I like:
- affordable
-consistency is not too liquidy and opaque so a little goes a long way
-does not settle on lines
-sweet smell
- easy to blend
-minimal white cast
-good coverage 

Some issues:
-comes only in one shade 
-a little to white for me 

Will I repurchase?
If they come out with more shades that will suit me better, then I will. I love the consistency and the coverage though, so I mix it with my other concealer.

Do I recommend?
With its affordable price and the coverage that it gives, I highly recommend this to beauties on a budget especially those with light to medium skin tones. 

So that's it for this concealer! I hope you find this helpful and you might want to check out this product as well.What affordable concealer do you use or want to try? Please do share in the comment section below!


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  3. Hi! This is such a great review. I like how you review the product because you give the readers a step by step take on the product . This is the first time I heard of this brand. I have only been using Cinema Secrets concealer and never tried other brands. I guess its time hehe... Looking forward for more beauty product review. Will follow you at imotiv.


    1. Oh wow! Thank you for your kind words! My blog is mainly for my friends who are starting in makeup.. so I try my best to try out new and affordable products.... I have heard good things about cinema secrets concealer though, will try to get my hands on that. :) Thank you very much for dropping by!! :)

  4. Hi,
    Are there other shades available? I’d like to try this.
    ~Pauline @Kallony


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