Oct 9, 2013

Outfit of the day: Lace N Preppy

Hi everyone!

I remember asking my hubby about clothes to bring here in New Zealand and he told me that it is spring time when I arrive so I don't need to bring thick clothes. So of course I believed him! And how wrong I was! My gosh...sooo cold! Though the sun is shining, it is very windy and the wind is ICY cold! 

 Collared blouse: boutique in the Philippines

The flowers were given to me by my hubby's client.

wedge booties from Hannahs
Skinny jeans from the Philippines
Blue and white shoulder bag: gift from a friend

I have always wanted to wear collared shirts over sweaters but in the Philippines, it is a little impossible because I'd be drenched in sweat after a few hours.hahha.

Anyway, that's it for my quick outfit post!
Have a great day!


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