Nov 8, 2013

REVIEW: Pinkie's Collection Cream Foundation

Hi everyone!

Sorry for being MIA lately, I had a trouble with my laptop and I was so so busy! Anyway, here is another review for you guys! ♥

I admit that I love foundations..I rarely go out without wearing a light foundation. My friends used to tease me, " Foundation day ba ngayun?" (Is today your Foundation day?)...because I sometimes have super cake-y face due to too much foundation! Hahaha..I don't know why, a lot of people say I have good skin and I don't need to much but, it is an obsession of mine and  now, that I'm older (hopefully wiser!) I tend to look for products that will look natural and can cover/conceal my dark circles and imperfections without putting too much. If you have seen my previous videos you will see that  I am obsessed with this foundation! I have seen  Ms Say Tioco rave about this...anyway.. here is my review:

Name: Pinkies Collection Cream Foundation
Brought from: SM City Department Store 
Price: P249 (approx US$6)
Shade: CFF-02 ( there three available shades)
Amount: 20gm



Boom! Naked fezz alert!!

Skin Type: Normal to Dry Skin
Skin Problem: pores, dark circles, dull skin, uneven skin tone
Skin color: MAC's NW30 is a perfect match for me

Now, let's test drive this baby!!!
I used my FaceIt circle brush to blend the product because it was kind of thick and kind of difficult to blend using my hands.

As you can see, it provides medium to heavy coverage depending on how much you apply. Be sure to use a stiff brush and blend well to avoid streaks. 

One layer is enough to cover my dark circles and even out my skin tone. At first, I thought it was really white for me and I noticed that it does oxidize after a few minutes and matched my skin tone. There is a minimal white cast, just be sure to blend a small amount on your neck as well.The finish is definitely not matte but it not too dewy as well. It does feel heavy but I do feel that I have product on my face. 

Here is a before and after:
It evened out my skin tone!

I did not apply any setting powder to see if it will make me oily because I feel that cream foundations can make my skin oily. I went to work and it was night time and it was a little humid.

This is me after a few hours. I DID became a little oily but it was not too much. As you can see, the foundation is still there but it did settle on the lines under eyes.


The packaging for me is so-so. Not so good but not so bad either. It gets dirty easily and it would have been better if it came with a mirror. I have dropped mine more than 10 times but it did break so one good this is that it is sturdy. 

Like other cream foundation,it is better to warm the product first before application to make blending easily. I use a damp sponge or a super dense brush to apply it all my face. It is very buildable and give light to medium coverage.  You really have to blend it thoroughly and make sure to blend it down your neck. I find that this when you take a picture with flash, there is a slight white cast and if you were not able to blend it thoroughly, you will end up with super uneven  ("looking") skin. It does not dry matte and can be a little dewy so if you have oily skin, it is best to set it with a setting powder. It also oxidizes after sometime so at first it may look too light on me but after a while, it matches my skin tone. As for the smell, it actually does not have any strong odor. I sniffed it closely and I think it smelled like candles or wax. The smell is not bothersome at all. 

I really cannot argue about the price because it is very affordable and Pinkies Collection are found in almost all SM department stores. 

Lasting Power:
As you can see from the picture above, it does last quite well given the humid weather in the Philippines. I ride jeepneys most of the time and I can get sweaty but I find that my foundation is intact (unless of course, I wipe it off). I would say that it can last from 4-6 hours depending of course on where you are and what you do. It does last longer when worn with primer and setting powder.

What I like:
-gives a good coverage ( light to medium)
-lasts long
-no strong odor
-did not break me out
-evens out my skin tone ( when blended well)
-not patchy and good for dry to normal skin

Some issues:
-slight white cast
- comes in only 3 shades

If you are looking for a nice foundation for work or for everyday, I highly recommend this. Just be sure to blend it thoroughly especially when you use it at night for parties/special occasions. 

That's it for my review! I hope you find it helpful!
Please share your thoughts about his product, if you have tried this before and whether you like it or not. Or, please tell me what your favorite foundation is and which kind of foundation you like. I would love to read your thought! ♥

Take care!



  1. Wow it's surprisingly nice! I've seen the brand before but belittled it because of the packaging! But look at it on you, brightening and good coverage :D gig love - Kumiko Mae, Filipina Beauty Blogger, LovingSunshine Philippines

  2. It looks really natural on you. Love the final look! GIGLOVE

  3. this is looks a great product, thanks for the review :) GIGLove

  4. aw it changed your complexion... i never heard about this brand.... i think it will not be here in my country

  5. Darling, I dont think u need this product! Ur skin looks gorgeous in the before pics!!!
    Still...I do love the eyshadow on u ^^
    xoxo! giglove!!

    novelstyle ^^

  6. it feels like too fair on you dear....maybe one shade darker? gig

  7. Great coverage, what a fun product, I really love the packaging. Thanks for the lovely review! <3 GIGLove

  8. I've never tried a cream foundation before, not sure why but it's always been liquid or BB cream - nothing in this form. I think the after a few hours later, the foundation blended well and not very oily looking - it suits your skin hun xx Donah giglove

  9. I usually don't like cream foundations, but this one actually looks like it would provide great coverage. And if you could only find two things to dislike about it, then it must be pretty great. ;) Thanks for sharing!

  10. You have really good skin!!
    I too generally dont go out without wearing a light foundation or at least a powder one...
    I really liked the coverage of this foundation.. and how it evened out the skin tone.. Lovely review :)

  11. I've never heard of this brand before but the foundation looks so promising !!! You've got the flawless skin and love how it evened out your skin tone and instantly brightens up your face without being ghostly white :-) x

  12. This is my first time hearing this brand. But it looks good on you. The only cream foundation I used is Relvon and it's good.

  13. I would love to try this foundation. Looks great on your face. :)

  14. Your review is very detailed. Thanks for that! This sure seems like a good cream foundation, although I haven't heard of it before.


  15. Foundations is definitely a must in my books! I feel naked if I dont wear foundation =) My favourite one that I'm using right now is the Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme!

  16. You have a perfect skin, you don't need to use it :). Anyway you look flawless.
    Great review.

  17. At first glance I thought it was powder foundation :p But it's great that the foundation stayed on! Sad that they don't have it where I am though, would love to try it :(

  18. Wow! That's great! I only have one product from them, that's a lipstick and I really really loved that before, as it really leave a stain no matter what and it's really really affordable, right? Anyways you have a perfect skin hun! :D


  19. shame about only 3 shades...
    I would like the fact that it doesn't have strong smell

  20. sounds like a good buy :) i enjoyed how detailed your review is, giglove

  21. I've never tried a cream foundation before, but I do want to try one at least once. Your end of the day pic looks great. gig

  22. i was about to purchase that last weekend but then i thought i should look for reviews first. this one's great!

  23. I have the same idea that cream foundation makes skin oily. Thanks for this review! It seems a nice buy for a very affordable price :) giglove

  24. Thanks for the review, I will also try the product. :)



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