Nov 16, 2013


Hi everyone!

In case you don't know, I am a part of Avon Philippines blogger Council and they sent me a few of their products to try out. Unfortunately, most products were makeup and DHL don't allow those kind of products to be shipped. so I ended up getting their "One Bra". You could only imagine my disappointment.?! To be honest, I do not see myself a good writer so forgive me if this post is kinda off, but I am going to try my best to put my thoughts into writing. :)

A woman's underwear can make or break her outfit,so a bra's structure and support level is very very important. I am what kind of "well-endowed" for my frame ( I am 36-C) and some bras just don't offer support or sometimes the underwire is super uncomfortable. I am also very self-conscious about it so I don't like showing my cleavage that much.  I am very picky and I never wear bra without underwires.  I don't like the "bouncing" effect..hahaha!

Anyway, here is what I think about this "one Bra" by Avon. I have worn it for 3 times in about 8 days just so that I can give a good feel of it.

What it says on the website:


'The One' Bra
Php 425.00
Comfort, support, and other amazing benefits in one bra. Comfy Spandex stretches and moulds to fit any shape. Fit sizes 32A-40D with removable pads. No hooks & wires for complete comfort. Cradles bust for lift & support. 92% nylon, 8% spandex, excluding trims. Skintone. Free Size.

The "One Bra" is made of a soft, stretchable material and does have padding. It does have any wires but the wide "cup" and padding makes up for it.  I even wore it when I went jogging and it was not uncomfortable at all.  It offered me just right amount of support. I was also surprised by how snug it was. It is so nice when worn over fitting shirts and blouses because it does not have any weird bulging. I am kind of uncomfortable showing my cleavage so I also like wearing this when I wear shirts with low-neckline. 

Hmmm...I am trying to figure out what I don't like about this bra...because I love it! If only I could wear this everyday! (Which I can't because of hygienic reasons..) I wish it came in a black color as well so that I can wear this with dark shirts. But all in all...I just love it! I think it is a great buy and I am so thankful I was sent this to try out. 

Do I recommend this? Heck yeah! 

Hope you enjoyed my post!
Take care!


Disclaimer: Thought this product was sent to me to review, my opinion is my own and is not in anyway biased. ♥


  1. This sounds like a great bra :D


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  2. How about the other Avon Bra.? I had bad experience before cause it easily gets torn. Has the quality of avon wired bra & panty improved?


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