Sep 4, 2013

AVON You Make It Beautiful Makeup Session with Lauren Andersen

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This post is going to be a looong one! I have been procrastinating for the longest time since I am not really good at writing this kind of stuff but at the same time I just don't know how to write into words the things that has happened to me lately. I was chosen as one of the Avon's blogger council and so, part of the "perks"  was to be invited to attend the launching of Avon's New Makeup Line and a makeup session with their global makeup artist Lauren Andersen. I live in Iloilo so I had to fly to Manila juts to attend this event. I was very excited and anxious at the same time because this is my first "blogger" event and I see myself as this "small town girl" and I just don't know what to expect. But of course, I was excited to meet other bloggers as well.

This event was held last August 23, 2013 at the Mindanao Ballroom in Sofitel Hotel and the place was really nice. I can't help but stare at EVERYTHING when I arrived there. I was so shy as well and very very unsure of myself. There were tables with two chairs and so I took a seat at the second to the last table and the things that caught my eye where the Avon products on the table. It really got me excited.

When I sat on my chair, Ms Mara from Avon approached me and she was very nice and accommodating. I was feeling very shy at that time She then asked the woman sitting next to me if she could switch places with the sitting in front since she was also one of the bloggers who were chosen by Avon. Ooohh boy.. was I so glad! She turned out to be a really nice person and quite talkative as well. 'I'm soo happy I was able to sit beside her.

 This pretty lady is Kirs, She also has  a Youtube channel.
visit her YT channel

The event started with the pretty host introducing the Avon Global Makeup Artist Lauren Andersen and New Product Innovation Director Lisa Lamberty. Both of them flew from New York and they came to the Philippines to talk about Avon's new makeup line. 

I so envy these two ladies! They get to do the things they love and get paid for it!

After the interview portion, Lauren Andersen showed us how to create two different looks using Avon's makeup line. One look was defined eyes and orange lips while the other one was more like a smokey eye with neutral lips. I was not able take pictures of the other look.... I don't know why.. :(

 We were also encouraged to follow what Lauren does using the Avon products provided on the table. It was my favorite part actually because we got to play with the makeup.  And the  best part was that all the makeup were given to us after the event. Yey!!

The last part of the event was handing out of the certificates and  of course, photo session with other Avon blogger circle members as well.

I was really shy and I felt awkward...I should have taken more pictures with other bloggers.

Photo with Ms Lauren Andersen. She is soooo nice! You can see only the two of us in the picture but there are almost 20 other girls lining up to have a picture taken with her. She was so nice giving compliments and smiles a lot. Her face is perrrrffeecct....I love the shape..hahaha

Photo with Ms Say! I was so psyched to see her that I ended up not saying anything...I was startstruck....ahhaha

This is me... .I really don't think my shoes go well with my outfit...oh well..hahaha

All in all, I love the experience. It was an amazing opportunity for me to hear no other  Lisa Lamberty talking about the new products and how they came up with it really and it really inspired me and I cannot wait to discover more Avon products. I am also very excited as to what's in store for me next  now that I am part of Avon's blogger council.

Avon PH Facebook page

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  1. What a fun event! That's a really great experience. I really like Avon, they have so many varieties of products and great make-up especially. :)



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