Sep 26, 2013

Walking Around Rotorua

Hello everyone!

I'm here for a different post. It has been a while since I have posted a non beauty related post and to be honest my mind is just not working right now . I wanted to inspire myself back into writing so I decided to write something different today. I am now currently in Rotorua, New Zealand for vacation and it is such a beautiful place (minus the cold). I kinda wish I brought my trusty dslr here but unfortunately I'd have to make do with my bf's Samsung 4.

I have been complaining about gaining a lot of weight since I arrived here. I think I might have gained 2 to 3 kgs in the past two weeks. I'm not kidding! The gosh..the food!!hahaha It is super cold (for me!) so I had a hard time exercising as well. Due to my non stop complaints, my bf and I went out for a "walk" since I'm too lame to jog. We ended up walking for about 2 hours, then we had lunch then walked for another hour. I was so exhausted when we arrived home though. Anyway, here are the pictures that we took. It is basically composed of flowers because I was so amazed by how pretty the trees and flowers here are! Hhaha! Hope you enjoy!

 This is us!Excited to start out walk! 

We love neon!

That's a golf course by the way.

Oohh..look at those white flowers! 

Here are some pink ones! 

A Sakura tree!!

We walked from our house until we reached the Government Garden. It is basically a garden with flowrs and hot springs. It is located beside the lake.

Rotorua is located at the mouth of a volcano or something like that. So there were a lot of geysers and hotsprings around. I haven't a chance to see a geyser up close though. 

TULIPS!! I love how they mixed and match the colors of the flowers! Love the red and white combo!

So pretty right?? Aside from the flowers, there were also a lot of birds around. Like this chicken-looking bird! Hahah

There were also ponds around the park. 

 White tulips...classic!

It took us around two hours to reach the park so I was a little tired already.We decided to look for a place where we can eat. We fond a spot under a tree near the children's playground. 

I love me some peaches! I have like 5 cans of these in my room..hahaha..wait ..need to buy  more!
 Gotta have Dingdong!

Once these birdies saw us eating..they came.. they were soo noisy!

After eating, we then went for walk again... this time,heading to the lake..
Under this bridge is a pool/pond that smells like sulfur.. 

We saw some black swans! Black swans were imported to New Zealand form England ( I think) for ornamental purposes and now there are a lot of the swimming in the shallow areas of the lake.


We also saw this super adorable giant dog! A lot of people pet him and take pictures and he does not seem to mind. He is soo nice. I'm still a bit scared though...

Other pictures around the lake.

Soo that was it! I hope I was able to give you guys a glimpse of New Zealand! 
Take care!



  1. beautiful place and sweet couple..
    xx Krisella

  2. i like it Maia! Thanks for sharing NZ with us! hinay hinay lang sa food <3 tc

    1. hahha!!oo nga!! need to exercises na talaga!! thank you for dropping by! :)

  3. Hi! :) I just nominated you at Liebster award! I had fun trying it out and would like you to enjoy it as well. You may visit my post to know more about it:

    More power and God speed!

  4. such a beautiful place =) lucky you. It's nice to come across a fellow pinay! say would you like to follow each other? =)

  5. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog, dear :D... I love travel posts and this one surely makes me want to visit NZ ASAP!

  6. Nice place! Love your photos, sis! And the DOG! I want to own that dog! :)


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