Sep 22, 2013

REVIEW: AVON Ideal Luminous Invisible Coverage Liquid Foundation SPF 15/ PA++

Hi everyone!

So  here I am...alone and bored! Hahha... My bf is out on work so I'm here trying my best to get something out of my brain. I really gotta do more posts..right? I wonder how other bloggers do more than one two posts a week while maintaining an 8 hour job. Anyway, I can do this!! I should motivate mysefl!! Yeah!

Alright! So, today, I am reviewing this foundation form Avon that I got for free from a makeup session with AVON. I also got other stuff and I am going to blog some of them in my next posts. 

I am quite excited about this foundation because when I swatched it during the event, it was very light yet gave a good amount of coverage. So after trying it out for a few weeks, here's what I think about it. :)
Product Name: Ideal Luminuous Invisible Liquid Foundation SPF 15/ PA++
Price: P499, sometimes you can get it on sale for P299  (As for me, I got it for free as mentioned)
Where: Avon or contact an Avon lady.
Amount: 30g
Shade: Nude
It came in a small tube/bottle. 
To get the product out, you need to squeeze the bottle.

At first, I thought the color of the product will not suit me at all because it looked grayish. But it looked nice after it was blended out.

Let's test drive this baby!
Of course, no foundation review is complete without me showing my bare face. And of course to minimize the (unpleasant) impact, I filled in my brows. 
As usual, my skin is dry and dull looking. 
MAC's NW 30 is a perfect match for me.

I started with a three to four drops of the product. It is a little thick but I felt like the coverage is sheer so I had to put more product.
As you can see, the finish is also very natural. It was very easy to blend and does not cake easily. It also has a dewy finish but it does not feel oily on my skin. It actually made my skin very smooth and it smells like very "fruity" which is quite different from other foundations that I have tried. 

 It does have a little bit of white cast so remember to blend it on the neck as well.
Can you see the difference? It evened out my skin tone but I think I need to apply concealer to brighten up my undereye area.

My thoughts:

Since it is in a plastic tube/bottle, I think it is quite handy and very travel friendly. It is quite small so it does not take up too much space. Another thing is that it is also quite hygienic because you have to squeeze the product out  and it is also easy to control how much product you want and it is also less messy.

The foundation is very smooth and a creamy yet, it is so lightweight and thin. It made my skin feel soft and smooth after applying it. I have dry skin so it really moisturizes my skin making it feel less dry.The smell! Oh!! The smell! I really love the smell. If you are into "fruity" smell, you will love this product. The formulation is quite good, I love how it is really "invisible" and looks natural. It give light to medium coverage and is very easy to blend. You can use either your fingers or your brush with this. It does have a dewy finish and in my case, I like dabbing powder on my T-zone whenever I use this.  

Lasting Power:
Though it is so lightweight, it can last up to 4 hours under humid weather. It really sticks to the skin making it last longer than other thicker foundations. If you work in a non-airconditioned area, then I think you have to apply your powder after 3-4 hours depending on how oily your skin can get. In my case, this can last up to 6 hours on me with minimal touch up like powdering my nose area. But of course, if you plan to go out and party then I suggest using a primer or a setting spray.

If you know an Avon lady, then it is easy to get this product. It usually costs P499 which is an okay price but make sure to look out for sales because it can retail to only P299. Either way, unless you pay cash, Avon products paid after a month so you still have one month to save on this. 


What I like:
- the finish is very natural
-has a really good smell
-lasts 4 to 6 hours
- gives a light to medium coverage
-great for everyday
-super easy to blend
-great for those with dry skin
-feels light on the skin

Some Issue:
-I think this only comes in two to three shades so it might not suit other skin colors (especially darker ones)
-has a dewy finish
-gives a little white cast
- light to medium coverage so more concealing is needed if you have more blemishes

All in all, I love this product. It is great for everyday or on days when you're in a hurry. I recommend this to girls who have dry skin (like me!). I'm sure students, and those who don't like putting on too much makeup will love this product too! I will surely buy this again when I run out. 

So what did you think of my review? Please do comment below! I would love to read your thoughts!
Take care!



  1. nice post Maia. glad to hear Avon is coming out with so many different beauty to choose from. I specially love this one. have a great weekend sweetie. xoxo


    1. thanks! me too! This is actually one of their first foundations that I liked!! have a great weekend too! thank you for dropping by. :0

  2. I'm not really into Avon products. But sheer to medium coverage foundations like this one look great on you, coz you already have nice skin! :D I like the natural-looking finish of this one, kind of like bb creams. :)

  3. Naks thank you! I was quite surprised with the finish too.But what really surprised me most was that it matched my skin color!haha!take care max!!

  4. Love your skin <3 Please share your skincare routine, if possible.
    The product sounds good, wish to try, but I'm not sure whether it is available in India.

    1. Thank you!! Will do a post on that soon! I hope you can get this in India soon as well. Take care and thank you for dropping by. :)

  5. You already have flawless complexion! Omg, so jelly! :D


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