Jan 13, 2013

Simple and Colorful Eye Makeup

Hey guys!!

I have always associated makeup with my mood and today,I feel extra colorful so I decided to film a colorful makeup tutorial. I used metalic shades of turqoise, light gold, purple and black for this tutorial. This can be worn on special occassions and can be darkened up depending on your preference. Also, I opted not to use my brushes for the eyeshadow application. I think I am going to do more of there makeup tutorials. I like using my fingers to apply my eyeshadow becuase it can really apply the eyeshadow pigment on my lids well. I think this makeup is great for those who want to experiment with colors but still wants to keep it simple and elegant.

So here the things that I used:


         San San Matte Finish Liquid Foundation # 3
Concealer: Pinkie Collection Cream Fondation

Cheeks:Peach Blush 


ELF Eyeprimer

 ELF 32 Cool Color Palette

Nichido Liquid Eyeliner:

precision Brush

 Matte Dark Brown eyeshadow(brows)

Avon Superextend Mascara


Fab Rose by Popshop

Here is the video. Hope you enjoy!
Im sorry about my lashes, it was because I was trying out some new eyelashes today. :)

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