Jan 5, 2013

Pretty in Peach

Hi everyone!

 I wanted to make an entire makeup look using my current favorite peach blush as a base color. I used it as an eyeshadow, blush and color for the lips as well.  I learned a trick from Ana Victorino where you can make your lipstick/lipgloss become matte by applying eyeshadow on top. I have discovered that this also makes your lipcolor last longer.

 I have been using a certain peach colored blush that I bought for only P35.00 for more than a month now. Aside from the fact that it is very pigmented, the product itself is not powdery at all. It has this soft, buttery texture that feels smooth when applied and adheres to the skin well. So far, I dont have any allerghic reaction to product so I will continue using this until I hit pan.

Here is the video of the look:

Products used:

 Maybelline Aqua Gel foundation
4u2 Dream Girl BB powder

Dark Brown Eyeshadow from WetnWild I love Matte palette

Elf Cream Primer
Peach blush used as an eyeshadow
Matte dark brown from ELf 32 cool shadows pallete
Shimmery Eyeshadow from Oily
Beige Eyeshadow from WetnWild I love Matte Palette
Nichido Liquid Eyeliner
One Great Mascara from Avon

Elf Lipgloss
Peach blush

I hope you recreate this look. It is versatile enough fro daytime events for you can darken it a bit or night time.

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