Mar 3, 2013


Hi everyone!!

In this blogpost, you will see how and where to apply your liquid highlighter on your cheeks. With liquid highlighter, or for any highlighter, you have to be careful as to where you apply it because you might end up looking super oily. I will admit that this was a common mistake to me before but my good friend Dani, taught me this trick. Hope you find this helpful!

1. Locate the highest point of your cheek by placing your middle finger and index finger diagonally from the part of your eyes that is nearest to your nose.

2. Dot a small amount of highlighter in the area nearest your finger. That is the area where you start applying your highlighter.

3. Blend the highlighter by using you fingers. Remember to pat upward using your fingers and do not go beyond the area where you first dotted your highlighter.

4. You should aim for a subtle highlight in daylight and add a bit more for night time. :)

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  1. Great tip!! Following you now :)

  2. This is a good tip,I will share it!

    1. glad you liked it!!

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