Mar 21, 2013

REVIEW: SuperExtend Extreme Mascara by AVON

 Hello everyone!!

I have been using my Maybelline mascara  for more than 2 months now and though I like it, I feel like I need to try another mascara. Maybelline mascaras can be too wet for me and I for one do not like wet formulas. Aside from that,  I always replace my mascara at most every 3 to 4 months because I am prone to sore eyes (I don't know why!) and I often have them like once or twice a year and believe me, it sucks!! Anyway, back to our topic, I went to the AVON store last week and I looked for their Supershock mascara which is to me, one of the best mascara ever, but unfortunately it was out of stock so I had to get a different one. The one I got was the Superextend Extreme Mascara and it claims to lengthen the eyelashes. I have used the normal Superextend one and I did not like it that much but since this new one was on sale, I decided to give it a try.

Name: Avon Superextend Extreme Mascara
Price: P499.00 (got it on sale for P250)
Weight: 7g

The brush is okay with me. It is not too big and it does deposit the product well. However, I think it does not separate my lashes that much.

My lashes without mascara:
 I already have curly lashes but they are quite thin and short so I need a mascara that can lengthen and volumize my poor lashes.

With one coat:

 With one coat, my lashes looked longer and thicker. It is not clumpy and it looks natural.

Two coats:

 I actually prefer using just one coat because since the formula is quite dry, it has a tendency to make the lashes clumpy. 

As I've said, I don't like how my lashes look if I apply 2 coats of the mascara because it tends to make it clumpy and weighs down my lashes.

My thoughts:

The packaging is quite sleek and I like that it colored yellow, so it is easy for me to find it in my drawer or inside my bag.

The original price is quite expensive for me but I got it for 250 pesos (US$5) since it was on sale so I would say it was not that bad. Avon ladies can be found almost anywhere so it isn't hard to find.

I don't like mascaras that are too wet so I actually like the formula of this one since it dries fast and I don't have to worry about ruining my eye makeup. However, since it dries fast, applying more coats than needed tends to make my lashes clump together so I really have work fast when applying the product.
As for its lengthening effect, I could say that it does lengthen my lashes a bit but for me, it does not give that "wow" effect.

The brush is okay. I like that it is not too big so I can really apply the product on both my upper and lower lashes. 

Staying power:
This mascara do stay on and does not smudge. I once cried while watching a movie and I was wearing this mascara. I was worried that I might look like a raccoon but surprisingly, I did not. As long you don't rub your eyes, you won't a lot of smudging.  It is easy to remove. (I just use a wet tissue.) They do have a waterproof version of this but I have not tried it yet. 

What I like:
            • Affordable if you got it on sale
            • Lengthens and give volume
            • does not have any unpleasant smell
            • easy to remove but does smudge too much when it got wet
            • the brush is easy to use and applies the product well
            • product dries quickly so it will not ruin your eye makeup
Issues other people might have:
            • Those who have really short eyelashes might find this lacking
            • It is quite expensive if not on sale
            • eyelashes can be clumpy if applied too much

Recommended for:
            • Those who have normal to long eyelashes
Overall Thoughts:
I like it, I am not too picky on mascaras and this is great for everyday use.  I can use this especially when I have dramatic eye makeup and I don't want it to be ruined.

Would I repurchase:
If the Supershock mascara is still out of stock, then I will definitely buy this one again.

**I really need to get my hands on that Supershock mascara....

So how about you? What is your favorite mascara?


  1. I had used an Avon mascara in the past in a yellow tube and loved it.It extends and draws lashes out and up and then covers and thickens them up very well.

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  5. oh...i hear great things about this mascara :) right now im using majolica majorca! nice post


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  7. I’m also using mascara from Avon but I forgot the name XD
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