Mar 8, 2013


Hello everyone!!

My dear sister was super kind and sweet! She bought me four lipsticks today!! I don't own a lot of lippies and most of them are mostly on the nude/peach side so I was very excited  when I saw these! I had no plans to make a review about these lipsticks but my sister told me that these babies are special. They stain your lips and thus lasts longer than a normal lipstick. So I tested them out and I kind of love the result so that's why I have this blog post. Anyway... here it goes:

PRODUCT NAME: Color|full Color Stain Lipstick from the brand Tupperware Philippines
Price: P109.00 (got it for free, but currently they have a sale going on so you can buy each lippie for P109.00)
Bought from: Tupperware is a catalog brand (like Avon), so check out your Tupperware Dealer. :)

Each lipstick came in a pink fuchsia box.

Weight: 4 grams
What it says on the label:

This one is more of a dark pink with a hint of coral.This will good on fair to medium skin tones. 

This one is a bright pink lipstick and I don't think I look good on it but I'm sure this will look great on girls with lighter skin tones. Bright pinks are also great for girls with thin lips because since it is bright, it will make your lips a little bit fuller.

This color is more on the nude side and it was quite sheer, I had to put 3 to 4 layers. I think this will show up more on girls with lighter skin tone. I do love this for an everyday look.

This one is more on the fuchsia side and is great for medium to dark skin tones. This is actually my favorite four because it just screams: VAMPY!! without overdoing it. 


It came in a standard lipstick tube. It is not really that special except that color which is nice. I can see the lipstick right away when I search for it in my makeup bag. It is quite sturdy and looks like it will not break easily.

Affordability and Availability:
For the price of P109.00 it is quite cheap compared to Avon lipsticks. Though, I don;t know a lot of people who sell Tupperware products so it might be a little difficult to find.

Formula/ Application
It is quite creamy and glides on easily. Except for Pillow Pink, I only need to apply 1-2 coats until I get the desired color on my lips. After a few minutes, I can really feel the lipstick drying on lips as it settles on the cracks and crevices. It is not an unpleasant feeling, I just put lip balm after it dried and it is okay. Tip: Apply one layer, wait for five minutes and apply another layer. This will make the lipstick more opaque. At first, it gives the lips a satin finish but turn matte after an hour or so. 

The smell is barely noticeable. I am kind of sensitive to the smell of lipsticks but these lipsticks does not any strong smell at all.

Staying power: 
I would say that it lasted on me for more than 5 hours actually. 

My gosh!! It was difficult to remove this lipstick especially if I have applied too many coats. I had to use a makeup remover (Clinique makeup remover) to remove the stain. 

What I like:

              • Affordable
              • Long lasting so I don't have to retouch
              • No strong smell
              • Nice colors, great for summer!!

What others may not like:
              • Dificult to remove and may stain your clothes and skin
              • Makes the lines of the lips more visible
              • Lips feel a little dry
              • Not "transfer proof"
              • Not "Kiss proof"
              • Gives a matte finish after an hour or so
I love love love these lippies!! I can't wait to buy the other colors!! I don't have to retouch my lipstick and they were sooo affordable!! I definitely recommend you to check them out!

              • Do not apply lip balm on the lips prior to applying the lipstick. Wait for it to dry then apply lip balm.
              • If you do not like a matte finish, you can apply a clear lip gloss once it dries on your lips.
              • You can also use your fingers to dab the product on your lips for a more natural finish.
              • Remember to exfoliate your lips before applying the product since it will really enhance any dryness or flakiness of your lips.

Here is my video about these  lipsticks:

Hope you find this helpful!! Take care!!

~~ maia


  1. very beautiful lipsticks :) I'm your new followers ... if you like you look into my blog

    kiss dedyna

  2. hello!! thank you for dropping by!!


  3. All the colors look wonderful on your skin!!! They are incredibly beautiful colors, but I tend to sway more toward the lip butters for the constant moisture but more of the subtle color rather than a lipstick.

    1. honestly, i have not tried lip butters yet.I have heard good things about thmm though.....will definitely try them out.

      thanks for dropping by!


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