Mar 17, 2013


Hello everyone!! I'm here to share an easy DIY project that will not only fit your budget but will also help you organize your stud earrings and rings collection.

What you need:

Old newspapers or magazines
empty box ( any empty box that you have)
Adhesive ( scotch tape)
Optional: decorative material

1. Measure the space inside the box from one side to another. Do not include the "walls" of the box when you measure. Also measure from the bottom part of the box up to how tall you want your earring/ring holder will be.

2. Measure and cut your paper/old magazine. Make sure to make it slightly smaller than box (about .5cm will do) or else it will be too big once you fold it and will not fit the box anymore. 
*In the video, the box is 15.5cm and I cut the paper into 15cm .

3. Fold the paper according to height of your earring/ring holder. Make sure to secure the sides of your folded paper.

4. Make as many as you want. The more folded paper you place inside your box, the tighter it will be.
5. For the fabric, make sure that both sides are cut straight. The width of you the cloth should be the same as the space between the sides of the box. 

6. Place the fabric on top of your folded newspaper/magazine and using a card/scissors, tuck in the fabric  between each of the folded paper until you have covered all of them.
7. Now, you can put your rings.
8. This is optional but you can decorate your box however you want.


  1. nice post.

  2. Hi Maia. Thanks for sharing this idea. I am definitely making one right now :) I am following you back and I love your site and reviews as well. hugs

  3. I love this idea and am in the process of making one for my daughter's birthday, but the material keeps sliding up and coming out as I continue to tuck it in. How do you keep the material from coming out?

    1. hi!try using a thicker fabric or something with texture and not smooth... also make sure that the number of your folded paper is enough to make it really tight... hope this helps!


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