May 29, 2013


Hi everyone!!

How often oo you wash your makeup brushes? Is it not a pain or do you enjoy it? I wash mine about once every two weeks or once a month,maybe..hahaa..I am too lazy, I know.hihhi... I do spray them with 70% alcohol and wipe them off in a clean towel or wet wipes every after I use them. But then of course, washing them thoroughly is still important to keep them clean from bacteria and other stuff. I saw a video on Youtube on how to make a DIY brush cleaner similar to the Sigma brush gloves but way cheaper. I have been using it for a few month and I am quite happy because it made cleaning my brushes way faster and I get to remove more product. At first, I wanted to make a video on it but it did not turn out well so I'm doing a blog post instead. Here it goes:

What you need:

After this,it is pretty self explanatory.

-Make sure that you make different sized "dots"with your glue so that you can clean different types of brushes.
-Make the spacing close enough so that it can really take off the grime and other products from your brushes.

By the way, I use baby shampoo to clean my brushes.

So that's it!Pretty simple right? I assure you that using them makes cleaning your brushes super easy!

Here is the video that I saw in Youtube:

You can subscribe to her channel too!She is awesome!!

Thank you for reading my post!Do comment below on how you clean your brushes!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this! :) Will definitely try it out!!


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