May 6, 2013


Hi everyone!!

I'm back! After being MIA for a week, I'm now back for a quickie (post). I was a little busy this past few weeks that I could not find the time to do a review and my brain  has been super dry (if there is such a thing ) that I really could not think of ANYTHING to write. Anyhooo....I'm here in Cebu right now for a quick trip and I was able to go around the Ayala mall and was able to buy some stuff! I have been holding out buying makeup stuff for almost a month now and that is because I am saving for this know....I might find something here that I could not find back home in Iloilo...which I did!!And oohh...I'm quite happy today. I strolled the mall alone, ate 3 scoops of gelato....went to a few stores and bought some goodies ( not much, but that's okay!)

Moving on,here are the goodies that I bought  today:

Got these earrings from a shop called Accessorize and they have a sale of 30%  off on most of their items so that actually made me come in the store. they do have a lot of really nice looking accessories and what I love about their store is that they are categorized according to color and theme. I especially love the Mediterranean inspired group of accessories. They have like blues and turquoise and so pretty!! however, being the thirfty gal that I am, I settled for these pair of earrings. I love hearts and the color of the earrings is more of light goldish ...which I think is nice and simple and it was the cheapest there!Hahah! They cost around P150.00 (approx US$3-4) which is pretty pricey for me but I paid only P105 because of the 30% off so, not bad I think.


Finally!!I dont know why but this is ALWAYS out of stock in Iloilo! I have read and seen a lot of positive reviews on this and I really wanted to get my hands on it. So, when I saw this in the department store , I immediately purchased it! I cannot wait to try it soon and maybe do a separate review on this in the future.
Price: P299.00 (approx US$6-7)


Maybelline is currently having a sale on their P250.00 and up products and I went to their counter to check if  there is something that will catch my eye. Unfortunately, I was not so interested on their products and was about to leave when these caught my eye and suddenly I felt my lips were dry so of course, what do you do if you have dry lips? Apply lip balm. And what do you do if you have none? Buy a new one or two if they're cheap and looked attractive.
Price: Red: P79.00, Pink: P99.00


Of all my purchases today, I was not really prepared to buy this (ok..maybe I did..don't judge!). After eating my 3 scoops of gelato..(oh yeah...brain freeze baybeh!)...I decided I felt a little sleepy so I went for a walk and my feet brought me to the MAC stall and i immediately went to the lipstick section and I was very shy to try them on at first but the super pretty beauty consultant/sales clerk encouraged me to try them on and of course, I tried the MAC Morange first and I discovered, I was not meant for it.It made me look darker. I then tried Ruby Woo which I find super matte and just not right for me. I then tried on Russian red, and I still did not like it. I was about  to give up when I tried on Chatterbox!And ooohhhlalalaalalal///lovee itt!! Unofrtunately it was sold bummer!! I went to the concealer/foundation section, and I ask Johanna (the pretty girl's name) what type of concealer is good for my dry skin and complained that concealers tend to settle and emphasize the lines of my undereyes. She told me that it is better to use liquid concealers because it won't settle on lines  and can be put on top of foundations without making it look cakey. I was not really planning on buying anything (ok..yes...maybe I did..please do understand!) but when she tried it on me and then topped it off with a mineralized skin finish ...I really saw a huge difference!! My undereye circles are gone! I was sold... I bought one. .... I think this will be a good investment since I work late ad wake up goodbye dark circles!Hopefully!
Price: P1000.00 (approx US$22.00)

I felt really guilty though, so I went back to Gelatissimo and enjoyed one scoop of their gelato in Tiramisu...and everything just faded away....

Just take a look!! My dark circles are gone!!

Thank you for reading my long post (or if you are just looking at the pictures, still thank you!). I hope you somehow felt that you did not waste your time. :)

And oh!If you are in Cebu...please checkout ACCESSORIZE in Ayala... I would have bought more if I had the money.

Have you tried any of there products?Do let me know in the comment section below :)

Take care!!



  1. Love the baby lips line!

    1. can't wait to try it!! thank you for dropping by. ♥

  2. I enjoy your blog a lot, very good job ;)

  3. Maia, You are nominated for the Leibster Award please come and check it out :)

    1. second one...and I haven't finished the first one..hahaha

  4. Where's the specific location of the Mac stall in ayala?? :)

    1. hello there! it is located in the lower ground floor...inside rustan's...if you happen to stop by please say hi to johanna for me! :)


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