May 31, 2013

Iloilo City Food Find: T.S.K. (Tilawi Shawarma Ko) /(Taste My Shawarma)

I was browsing my Facebook home when I saw a picture of a burrito that my friend uploaded. I was hungry at that time and looking at the picture made me more hungry (it was around 11 pm at that time). I also happen to crave the burrito from Army Navy in Cebu and so I was just super frustrated when I saw the picture and knowing that I could not eat/buy it because I was living an hour away from the city and it was in the middle of the night!

Anyway, the next day, I asked my sister to go with me to that restaurant so that I can 1. try the food and 2. satisfy my burrito craving. So there we went....I was actually surprised with the menu that they had. I think if you are from Iloilo, you will find it naughty and funny at the same time. The name of the restaurant  was T.S.L that stands for: TILAWI SHAWARMA KO..which in English means: Taste my Shawarma. The name of the restaurant itself was pretty interesting and will definitely make any Ilonggo (like me!) curious enough to try and see what they offer.

So, upon arriving there, I saw that it was not a fancy restaurant, and the ambiance is more relaxed and casual which I like. I can imagine bringing my friends here and hang out for hours. There were already many people there and most of them were professionals(wearing suits) and they seem to enjoy the food. 

The place is not really that large and it was a little humid, good thing the area is open and they do have  electric fans. :)

They have an open kitchen so I was able to see how the prepared my food and while waiting, I glanced around the shop and read all their interesting menus. :)

Okay, so this is the most interesting part of the restaurant. The way they named their food was really naughty but hey, I'm sure this will make them popular.
For non-Ilonggo speakers there, here is the reason why the names where naughty:
The words, though abbreviations, when spoken out loud, suonds like these:
BLAT (b*lat)- vagina
BLAT Mu: your vagina
BLAT Mu eh: your vagina! (but with conviction)
BLAT mu beh: give me your vagina
BLAT mu with PH: your vagina with PH (PH is a popular feminine wash)

The crew was friendly and nice. The food prices are quite reasonable as well. I ordered their Burrito and I chose "Safe". Apparently, they had two kinds of burrito, once is"SAFE" and the other is "Naked". :)

The remains....

The burrito tasted good. However, I would not say that is tastes like "burrito" because it has more of a "shawarma" taste.  I love it but I guess I still have to find a good burrito here in Iloilo. I can definitely see my self ordering this again though ad maybe I'll try the "naked" one. But of course, I want to try their Shawarma  and  BLAT products as well.

All in all, I quite enjoyed my eating experience there and definitely encourages you to try them out in case you are here in Iloilo or visiting Iloilo soon.  I know I'm not a good food/restaurant reviewer.Hahah!! I just want to write about my experience and tell you guys about it!

The pictures were taken using my celphone and as you can see I also do not have any photog skill whatsoever!Haha!

Thank you very much for reading my post! Please do comment below if you have been here!




  1. Sa diin ni maia rose? Heheh

  2. Mukhang masarap kumaen jan anyway i want to travel in iloilo and try some delicious food there do you know any affordable hotels in iloilo?

  3. Hi, sa diin ni dampi man? ari pa ni ayhan sbng? never heard of this place. It's quite interesting.


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