May 21, 2013

REVIEW: BB Cream for the summer! Cara Air Fit BB cream

Hi everyone!!

Today, I am reviewing the  Cara Air Fit BB cream  which was sent to me about two weeks ago. to be honest, I have a hard time using BB creams because they usually are lighter for my skintone and has a dewy finish, so  though I was glad that they sent me a product,  I so admit that I was a little skeptical at first. Anyway, if you are interested to know how it went and whether I liked it, please read on. :)

Price: got it for free {P25.00 (sample size), P1250 (Full size)}
Shades available: 1

(Photo grabbed from:  MyrSkin Cosmetics

Where to buy:  MyrSkin Cosmetics
What it claims:
(as written in the Facebook page)
Best for: Normal to oily skin

- It is a 50ml tinted moisturizer with SPF 37
- It also comes with a 30ml facial foam cleanser
- It has smooth and matte finish
- It has natural whitening ingredients; hypoallergenic
- It has natural perfume scent 
- It has anti aging
- Perfect for active people 

Special Note: LIMITED EDITION; especially made for tropical weather


b: with flash
c: without flash
d: after 5 minutes, without flash


Application wise, it felt smooth and easy to blend. I find that I did not have to use concealer as it covers my imperfections well. I did not have to use much, I think one sample size sachet is good for 3 uses. It does not have any strong/unpleasant smell. 

The BB cream is not oily as I expected. Though the product was quite think, it was super easy to blend and quite buildable. It has a light to medium coverage with a mild dewy finish (compared to other BB creams) and for me, I still have to set it with setting powder. At first, it was a tad lighter than my skin color but after a few minutes, it oxidized and darkened to match my color. I used my fingers to blend the bb cream since I find it easier and the warmth of my fingers melted the product, making it a lot more easier .

My skin felt smooth and soft. 

Lasting power:

As for the longevity, I think it held up pretty well considering our weather here. I went out and did some errands and was not able to retouch at all. I would say that I did feel shiny after 5 hours. At 10:00pm, I was super oily and sweaty already. I can still feel the product on my skin and even though I looked super oily, the BB cream was still able to cover most of my blemishes.

Overall thoughts:

What I liked:
-gave a  good coverage
-buildable, easy to blend
-no strong odor
- unlike other bb creams, it has a mild dewy finish
-can last 4 to 6 hours

Some issues:
-it comes only in one shade
-A little bit pricey for P1k ++ for one bottle

All in all this is a good BB cream and hope that it has more shades though. I will definitely add this to my "TO BUY" list.

How about you?Any good/bad bb creams? Please do share in the comments below.

Thank you for reading my post!Take care!!


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  1. i am wondering why your right eye have some brownish color near your iris o_o it was disturbing


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