Dec 27, 2012

Pretty and Chic for Less!!

Hello there!

The $20 Makeup Challengee tag has become so popular among Youtube gurus this year. Heavy weights such as Dulce Candy and Michelle Phan has their own take on this challenge. Though it is nice to watch these videos, I for one could not really relate because most of the products cannot be found in the Philippines plus (for me) it still quite expensive. It is a good thing that the 500 peso challenge is gaining popularity among Pinay Youtube gurus. I have watched a bunch of these videos but the one that really stood out was Ana Victorino's P500 Makeup challenge. She used products that were easily accessible and her look turned out great! 

She looked fresh and pretty! This simply shows that you dont have to shell out a huge amount of money took this good. :)

Ms Victorino is definitely one of my favorite Youtube guru. She has a come a long way and is becoming a top Pinay youtube guru.   She is also currently doing a 2nd year anniversary giveaway on her blog. She is giving away awesome prizes!! I would love to win any of the gifts sets ( gift set 1 or 2 would be best!hihihi).

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