Dec 14, 2012


MAKEUP CHALLENGE DAY 1:  When did you start putting on makeup?

I cant sleep so I might as well do DAY 1 of this challenge. This is quite long so I divided it into categories. :) This is more like my makeup history by the way.


I started putting on makeup when I was 3 or 4 years old maybe. I remember when I was in kinder 1 (so I was 4), my parents were having a fight and my dad was like throwing everything and my mom was doing pretty much the same ( I LOVE MY PARENTS! AND THIS IS NOT SARCASTIC), when I saw this red box and I opened it and tere were like boxes with lots of colours. I knew it was a makeup palette and I do know that my mom will take it from me one she found out that I got it. So, what I did was I went to our room and hid under my blanket and using my fingers, I started to apply eyeshadow all of my eyelids. I remember choosing a light green color for my lids and a pink color for my cheeks. The next morning, I insisted on bathing myself and in the bathroom, I applied makeup again (green for my lids and this time orange for my cheeks). I dont know why, but our yaya did not notice anything. So, I went to school looking like that and I was so proud of myself!! However, when my teacher saw my face, she laughed and called my yaya. So I had no choice but to run to the bathroom and washed my face because I did not want my yaya to see me. (My yaya was VERY strict.) My teacher then asked to see my mom and told her not to let her kids wear makeup. And so, my mom told me that I am not allowed to wear makeup until I was in college. 

And I think, that idea stuck in my head because I never wore makeup when I was in elementary and highscool (except on special occasions like weddings, etc). But when I reached freshman college year, that was when I started wearing makeup. I used powder and eyeliner when I go to school.



During this time, I was really excyted to start using makeup so I started with my basics.For powder, I used the Ponds loose powder (the gold/yellow one) because it was the best thing that I can afford. For my eyes, I used a black eyeliner from Ever bilena on my upper lashline and sometimes on my lower lashline( it smudges and I looked like a raccoon at the end of the day but at that time, I was like: WTH). For lips, I used a random lipbalm from Avon. At that time, I was already considered "kikay" because back in 2004 only a few of my classmates wore eyeliners. I really dont know why.


This is the time that I discovered POND'S WHITENING CREAM! And this was also the time that I discovered moisturizer. I learned that if I use a mositurizer on my face firs then put on powder (I leveled up to Johnson and Johnson's pressed powder), the powder will stick better and last longer. I was also more "adventurous" with my eyeshadows. I also was using the roll on cheek tint from Avon. It was a staple on my kikay kit. 


I would like to call this year: THE GREEN EYELINER YEAR. I discovered that putting on green pencil eyeliner on my upper lashiline that topping it with a light green loose pigment looked really nice on my brown eyes. This has become my everyday look  but sometime I also change it up to green eyeliner + yellow eyeshador. This was also the time when I started using concealer on my undereye circles because yellow and green eyeshadows really bring out the zombie in me. The concealer I used was from a brand named Sophie. It was NOT a good ocncealer but I dont know why I kept using it everyday.


I call this year: BLACK LIQUID EYELINER YEAR. I have noticed that most mf my classmates were wearing green eyeliner/green eyeshadow, so I decided to change it up and I discovered the NICHIDO LIQUID EYELINER and IT WAS AMAZING! I still use the this kind of eyeliner until now. I also was able to buy a few palettes and I mostly use pink + gold or gold + copper combo. The eyeshadows that I used were all shimmery. I dont know why I never bothered using matte eyeshadows. I really thought I looked attractive because of the compliments I get. But looking back, I NEVER WEAR FOUNDATION?TINTED MOISTURIZER!! I just put on concealer under my eyes and then powder. I must have looked weird with super yellow undereyes+shimmery eyeshadow. At that time, I thought I really looked AMAZING!!

Oh! I DO use foundation on prom and school parties. This tme, I kind of already know how to put makeup so I did not go to the salon or hire someone to do my makeup anymore. I think my face looked cakey though  and mind you! I never used MASCARA and I never fill in my brows....


This was the time that I discovered MIchelle Phan, Dulce Candy, Xteener and these girls really helped my improve my skill in putting on makeup. But it was not until in 2010 that I learned the importance of shaping and filling in my brows. I was volunteering in a hospital at that time and a gay "folk" of my patient told me that my eye makeup looked great however my brows looked ugly (law-ay in our dialect and yes, he really used that term). He voluntered to do my borws and filled it in using a brown eyebrow pencil. And I was so suprised! It really does make a difference!! 


Of course, Im still learning and I still have (a lot of) bad eyebrow days but looking back, Im still thankful for that fateful night when I found my mom's makeup palette. I think makeup is a tool to enhance once beauty and make her feel more confident. 

(My parents STILL fight every now and then but both of them have mellowed in their ways. They are STILL together and based on what I see almost everyday, the DO love each other still. )

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