Dec 15, 2012

Makeup Challenge Day 2


Hmmm.... second day of the challenge...and I find it difficult to answer this question but I promised myself I will finish this challenge so here it goes.....

So I'm thinking..and thinking..... (after 15 minutes) still thinking...CRAP! HOW DID I LEARN HOW TO PUT ON MAKEUP!?!?!?!?  

Ooooohhh! Now I know!! First of all, I have a twin sister and you know how twins little girls are always in demand for weddings, Ms UN, and stuff like that? Well, my mom was kind of into those things. She liked to have me and my sister become flower girls for her friend's or relative's weddings. We have like a bunch of flower girl outfits and "angel" outfits and stuff like that. So, of course a makeup artist (you know, the main "gay" makeup artist ng bayan, Im sure you have that in your hometown), would apply makeup to us and I was really amazed at how I looked after I have my makeup on. The method as well and the way he/she mixed colors and uses brush is just so amazing to me. Another is that my favorite show back then was the FANNY SERRANO SHOW on RPN 9 every Sunday morning. I never and I mean NEVER fail to watch that show during my elementary years. But, I really started putting on makeup when I was in college and I'd do it almost everyday. I hear my friends say that they are amazed at how fast I can apply my liquid eyeliner. But to me, it's juts normal. I remember staying up all night trying to perfect the smokey eye look that I see on Youtube and I also remember my eyelids were so painful because I had to wipe it with baby wipes several times. So to me, practice really makes perfect. Until now, I still practice because though, I knid of know hot to put on makeup, I still feel like I am not good at it. I get really nervous and I try to make excuses every time someone asks me to do her makeup for a photo shoot or prom because, though I know how to apply makeup on me, I find it difficult to apply makeup on other people. I really don't know why.... I dont know how make things "bagay" someone else's face shape. 

Im sleepy already, I hope I answered today's challenge.

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