Dec 16, 2012



Hello Guys!! Third day! WOOHHHOOO!!!

I drank a cup of coffee + milo so I feel extra charged tonight!! I hope my brain is working well.

When I read today's challenge, I really cannot think of any favorite makeup brand( Im assuming it means makeup brand since it makeup challenge.. duuh) because honestly, the number thing that comes to my mind before buying a product is how much it costs. If something is more than 1000 pesos, I really have to think it twice or thrice before purchasing it.Another thing I think about is whether I'd be able to use that product for a long time and I don't have to keep repurchasing it. Products like mascaras and eyeliners (except gel liners), I tend to buy cheaper ones because I have this tendency to have sore eyes or sty at least twice or thrice a year ( dont know why!!!)  so I have change them every 3 to 4 months.

So back to the challenge, I mentally wnet through all my makeup and I realized that most of my makeup are either from WetnWild and Avon. I have to narrow it down to only one. So, I thought of  of reasons why I buy from those brands.

So..after thinking.......WetnWild it is! I realized that I really look for this brand everytime I shop  for makeup. Of course, the price is an important factor but I buy their products because I know that it is good and the price I am paying for is so worth it. They are crazy cheap especially if you buy online.  Their eyeshadows are pigmented and there color range is good. They have shimmery, metallic and matte eyeshadows. I love their lipliner, lipsticks and tinted moisturizer as well.I find that most of the products that I tried from them are really good. 

With Avon, it is sad to say that  I mostly buy their product mainly because they're cheap and I dont have to pay cash for it. But unfortunately, I really hope that they can amp up there products a little bit. I do like some of their lispticks but I hate their moiture rich lipsticks because they melt and it super creamy in a BAD way. Also, the color range of their foundation cannot cater to most Pinays and I just dont think it is woth shelling out 400-500 pesos for a foundation that wont match your skin. 
These are some of their products that I use a lot lately. 

So I would like to end this post with a picture of my babies!! They are sleeping outside my room.... :)

PS: I buy my Wetnwild products from a Auction Shop in Facebook. I bought my I love matte palette for 100pesos. The color blue was slightly damaged but it was alright. It was sealed and I read the expiration date. It was in 2014. I have been using it and so far, I have had no reactions. :)

Here is the link:

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