Dec 24, 2012

Cheap finds:Shimmery Roll on Eyeshadows

Hello everyone!! 

I love makeup and I love buying makeup stuff!! But, I dont have a lot of money so most of the time, I cannot afford high end makeup brands. But that does not stop me from buying makeup products, and there is nothing more excyting than finding a product that is cheap and affordable but is super useful. So, I decided to make a series here in my blog where I  tell you about certain cheap products that I am currently loving or hating. 

 (Of course, let me just tell you that I dont  have sensitive skin, so I am not really afraid of trying out products.)

Let's get the ball rolling!!

Here are two roll-on shimmer eyeshadows that I bought from a store here in Iloilo (UNITOP). I dont think you can find them in department stores though. I think you will be able to find them in "downtown" areas. I wanted to buy some cheap falsies when they caught my eye and I kind of thught the colors were really nice. I swatched them and I liked how it felt on my skin and the color pay off was good as well. The price is only P19.00 so I decided to buy them. 

They were from a brand OILY.The packaging says: Delicate Rainbow Eyeshadow Powder.

I used the white eyeshadow on my inner corners and blended it to the blue eyeshadow.

I have used the white shimmer shadow on my eyelids and as a highlighter as well and it gives a wonderful gold/yellow shimmer. 

I have not used the gold eyeshadow yet, but I will update this entry once I have used it on my lids. 

Here are the things that I liked about these eyeshadows:
Cheap (P19.00)
The roll-on ball thingy  applied the product well
No smell
Adheres to the skin
The powder itself feel smooth and not grainy
Can be used as an eyeshadow/highlighter

Here are the things that you might not like:
Might be difficult to find
Ingredients are not listed 

Over all, I LOVE these shadows and I have not experienced any allergic reactions to them so I might purchase other colors as well. :)

So what do you think? Do you have other makeup finds that are really great but cheap?

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