Feb 27, 2013

CHEAP FINDS PART 4: BACLARAN HAUL || Patrine's thoughts


I'm here for another haul. If you like to have your hair in a bun or if you like hair accessories like me, then I'm sure you'd be interested in today's haul/post. 

I was able to buy these set of bow hair clips and cute teddy bear headbands for about P105 (approx US$2). They were so cute and adorable plus super cheap!! I bought them in Baclaran which is a popular place to buy accessories and clothes for much less. 

 At first, I thought they cost P55 each and so I thought I'd skip them but my sister asked the saleslady and they cost P55/6 pieces. I love wearing my hair in a bun so the thought of putting this in my bun immediately came to my mind.
It would have been better if they came with a band so that I can just tie my hair with this but its okay, I just used a normal elastic band to tie my hair then clipped the bow after.

Next are there headbands that I got for P50/6 pieces. They were actually six but I was only able take a picture of five of them. For someone like me who have long hair and does not mind wearing kiddie headbands, this is perfect!! They are sooooo girly and adorable.

Unlike other headbands that are too tight, it gives me a headache or too loose that's does not do anything to my hair, these headbands fit just right.

I like bargains and the fact that I was able to spend less on something that would have cost more. If you are visiting Baclaran, just make sure to wear comfy clothes and maybe just a small sling bag to fit your wallet. If you can skip bringing your cellphone, then do. :)

I hope you find this post useful/entertaining or whatever!! Please do comment below if you bought something cute from Baclaran or Divisoria!!

Thank you for reading my post, whoever you are!!


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