Feb 4, 2013


Hey everyone!!

Today, I'd be showing you swatches from the Dollface Cosmetics 88 Color palette that I recently got as one of my prizes from  Ana Victorino's giveaway. I have always wanted to buy one before but I never really got into it because I kind of thought that since I am not a professional makeup artist then I do not really need such a huge palette. But, I was wrong!! This palette is perfect for makeup beginners because you can  experiment with a lot of colors, from neutrals to pastels and matte to satin finish. I think BH cosmetics and Coastal Scents also have a similar palette with similar colors as well. I wanted to show this along with swatches so that anyone reading this can have an idea as to how the colors really look like when swatched,

It came in a brown box with the name of the company written in front. I like the box actually and the font looked classy.

The product is in a black case. It actually has plastic on it to prevent scratching but I removed it. I really regret doing so because the case is super prone to fingerprints. If you do get one, I suggest that you DO NOT remove the plastic thingy.
The palette contained 88 eyeshadows ranging from neutral colors to pastels. It contains shimmery and matte eyeshadows. It has a mirron and two sponge tip applicators that I do not really care for but can be handy as well. 

 In the website, it says that each pan is approximately the same size as ten centavo coin. I did not have one so I used a five centavo coin instead.

Closer look at the colors. :)


Here are the swatches:


  • I love the variety of colors and textures it comes with. I can make a lot of makeup looks just using this palette. 
  • The case looked sturdy enough.
  • It has a decent sized mirror inside the case.
  • Although I got mine for free, I looked at their website and it only costs P800 and for me, the price is quite affordable considering the number of eye shadows you get.
  • The pigmentation is good. Most of the shadows showed well on my skin.
  • The shadows itself were a little powdery but not chalky. They felt soft and buttery.
  • I do suggest using a primer or a base before applying the product so that the color will show up better and last longer.
  • All in all, I quite love this product!! I can't wait to get other palettes from Dollface!! 
  • I recommend this product to any makeup lover!! :)


  1. Wow! I was planning to buy an eye palette from them. Thanks for this review! :) Following your blog now :) Mind to follow mine too? :)

    1. hello!! Thank you for dropping by!!

      I followed your blog too!


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