Feb 24, 2013

MY QUICK COURSE ON EVENING MAKE UP || Maquillage Professionnel

Hello everyone!!

Last month, I was lucky enough to win a voucher worth 2,800 from Maquillage Professionnel. It is located in Manila and I'm from Iloilo but fortunately, my sister and I have been planning to go to Manila for our mini birthday vacation. I called the number written in the voucher and chose February 19 at 10am for my appointment. I woke super early on that day. I remember feeling exited and a little worried at the same time because I don't know what's in store for me and I was feeling a little bit under the weather ( must be because of the weather!!). I was worried because I might sneeze accidentally or cough non stop. The address says that it is located in Shoppes at Belagio in Bonifacio Global City and since we were staying in Taguig, we were pretty confident that we will find the place in no time. Unfortunately, it took us about 30 minutes to find the place!! I was super late for my 10 am appointment!! But, the ladies there were so nice and told me that my quick course will start at 11 am and I will be taught by Mr. Mio. A nice person ushered me to the room and I waited there for about 15 minutes or so. I did not mind though, because I was late in the first place. 

The room where I had my workshop/quick course is pretty spacious with lots of huge mirrors and it was air conditioned so I felt comfortable waiting. Oh! How I wish I brought a decent camera (I used my celphone's camera) and I should have taken a lot of pictures. I so regret not taking pictures of the makeup that they have! My gosh! It was a lot and mostly by Makeup forever!! I have never tried that brand and I'm so excited to use it.Mr Mio arrived and  started the quick course. He seems so nice and very talkative. I also learned that he spent 7 years in Capiz  I was not able to speak much because I somehow felt extra shy that day!Hahah!! I chose evening makeup and he gave me a list of basic things I need to consider when putting on makeup. He then proceeded to showing me how to do my makeup. He did the right side of my face and  I did the left side of my face. He taught me techniques on how to apply my foundation, eyebrows and eye shadow. 
  • For those with dry skin (like me!) , it is better to use liquid based foundation with a dewy finish rather than matte.
  • Apply correcting concealer first before applying foundation.
    • orange: dark spots
    • purple: brown spots
    • green: red spots
  • Apply foundation by patting the foundation brush on the skin then blending it out using a sponge.
  • When using a loose powder to set the foundation, use a sponge to dab the loose powder  and use a face brush to sweep the excess powder.
  • When contouring, draw an imaginary diamond on the edge of your face. The outside of the diamond should be the area to contour.
I was glad to be able to experience something like this. I have learned a lot and I have realized that with the proper technique, I do not need to use a dozen of brushes when applying my makeup.( Mr. Mio only used two brushes for my eye makeup.)


With Mr. Mio! :)

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