Feb 12, 2013

Guys and Valentine's day ♥♥♥

Hello everyone!!

Valentine's day is just around the corner and I am so sure that most women out there are super excited for this day. Now, in the Philippines and the US, Valentine's day is more or less a "girls" day because women are usually the receiving end of gifts such as flowers,chocolates, jewelries, and what not. Men are usually the "giver" since they are the ones who spend (well, mostly) more on this day. Not that they're complaining, I did a survey and asked 30 random men aging 20-30 years old and asked them some questions about what they think of Valentine's Day. I have gathered that 22 out 30 think that it is normal for men to spend more on this day and 27 out 30 actually do not expect to receive any  "material" gift from their girlfriends on this day. After getting the results, I kind of thought that V-day is indeed our day, but what if we return the favor? Since they get to spend money for our dinner, flowers and other stuff not to mention the extra gestures they do to surprise us or make us feel (extra) special and loved on this day, I asked 25 random men what they want their girlfriend to give them on Valentine's Day. I was actually surprised with the results!! Believe it or not, but majority (16 out 25) answered that a hand written letter or card will be the best gift that they can receive on Valentine's Day.     I asked them why they would want to receive letters and most of them answered that letters are much sweeter and more meaningful since it makes them feel more special plus they can re-read them again and again.

I for one was surprised with the result. I actually thought that most of them would answer something like gadgets or even sex! Hahha...But, I was wrong. Well, yeah, there some naughty answers such as lace panties, which really got me confused that I did not bother to ask further. There also a couple of men who answered chocolates or sweets. Not one of them answered flowers though, that would have been interesting. Anyhoo... I guess it goes to show that men are not that shallow when it comes to someone they love. At least, now I know what to give to my special someone this Valentine's day. Do you?

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