Feb 26, 2013

WetNWild Nail Polish Haul

Hello everyone!!

I'm so excited to share today's post! I'm here to share these WetnWild nail polishes that I recently bought. I just got them a couple of days ago. The reason why I'm so excited is because in the Philippines WetnWild nail polishes are little expensive. I think they are sold around 200-300 pesos (approx. US$5-7) per bottle. I got two of them  from an online store named Sophie J Fashion House and the other one I got from winning a bid ( also from the same seller).

I have been buying a lot of WetnWild products online because they cost cheaper (including shipping fee) compared to the prices in malls here. I think I got a good deal because all four of them cost me around P250 (approx US$6) including shipping fee.

I am not a nail polish person but I think it does look nice to have some color on your nails. What I like about these nail polishes is that the brushes are wide and flat so it is easy to apply the color (even for someone pasmado like me!) and dries fast.
 Name: Jewels for your highness
Its a purple glittery nail polish. I like that 
it has small and big glitters. I used 2-3 coats to make it more opaque.

 Name: Milk
I used 2-3 coats to make it opaque. It dries fast and very easy to apply.

I did not like how it looks on all of  my nails  so I painted just one. I also had to use 2-3 coats to make it opaque. 

This one was free.  I applied it on top the Milk and Twinning Vines. It does not change the color of the nail polish. It claims to glow in the dark and yes it does!!! Unfortunately I cannot capture it on camera. :(

How about you? Do you have any online purchases that was way cheaper than if you bought it in malls? Please do share it in the comments section below. :)


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    1. I prefer milk though... the green shade does not suit me.. :(

      thanks for dropping by!! :)


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