Feb 22, 2013


 Hello everyone!!

As you can see from the title and the picture, this post is about some cute and cheap rings and earrings that I bought from the Fashion Market in Market Market. I don't wear a lot of rings but I recently got into them and so I wanted to expand my ring collection a little bit. I don't like shelling huge amount of money on them so when I asked the lady selling these rings how much they are, I was really surprised ans ended up buying five. :)
These rings cost P50 (approx. US$1.2) but since I bought four, I only paid  P160.00 (approx US$4) for all of them. I chose pink, blue,  green and black. 
All of them are adjustable so then can fit my fingers well. The copper wires are thick enough and wrapped around the stone so the rings are quite sturdy.

 The next ring I bought is also for P40.00 (US$1) and it is made of purple crystals. This one is not adjustable but it does fit my middle and index finger. Like the other rings, this ring is also quite sturdy.

The last thing that I got from Market Market is this cute pair of earrings. I do own a number of earrings so I limited myself from buying a lot of earrings but when I saw this, I fell in love with it instantly because I never had an orange earring before and this one looks exotic and perfect for summer. I got this for P40.00 as well. :)

 So how about you? Please do share and comment down below if you have any cheap beauty buy  because I would love to see them too!!


  1. You need to buy cute accessories from me again! Haha. ;)

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    1. hello there! Will definitely visit the site! Thanks!!!

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