Feb 22, 2013


 Hello everyone!!

My sister and I celebrated our 25th birthday last Sunday and so we decided to have a mini vacation in the NaTional Capital Region (Philippines).  We were staying in Taguig City and this is my first time here so we decided to go around and see what's in store for us in this city.

First on the list are these awesome organic soaps that we found while browsing around Market Market in Bonifacio Global City. There was a stall there that carries different kinds of organic soaps, from whitening to moisturizing to slimming soaps. Aside from that, you can choose whether you want to buy per bar of soap at P40.00 (less than $1) or you can choose to buy by chunks at P220.00 ($5-6) per kilogram. I prefer buying by chunks because I find it more economical and convenient. You can choose what kind of soap you want, have it weighed and pay for it. In my case I paid around P76.00 ( $1-2) and I got a lot of stuff. Unfortunately, I forgot the name of the store but just go to the Fashion Market at Market Market and you will find the stall there.

 These are all I got for less than P100.00!!

Rosehip with cucumber
This one has a fresh, clean scent and if you have tried Lime soap from DLC, this smells exactly the same and that one cost more than P200 per bar. 
Benefits of Rosehip: 
-hydrates the skin
-prevents skin damage
-helps in fading scars
-prevents skin darkening
Benefits from Cucumber:
-heals and decreases redness
Rosemary Soap
-stimulates skin cell renewal
- has a calming effect

Kojic Acid + Orange Soap
Benefits of Kojic Acid:
-diminishes skin darkness and redness (such as melasma and freckles)
Benefits of Orange Soap:
-detoxifies skin
-also has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties

Placenta Soap
-assists in renewing skin and reduces wrinkles
-lightens and fades skin pigmentation
-reduces appearance of pores

Chocolate Soap
This is my favorite!! I love the smell and it stays in my skin the whole day.
-good for skin renewal
-contains anti-oxidants  that help protect the skin from sun damage and premature aging

Blueberry with Shea butter soap
- have anti-aging properties
-promotes healthy skin and appearance
-reduces appearance of frown lines and wrinkles
- moisturizes skin and improves skin elasticity

I can't wait to use all these soaps. I am the kind of person who likes to use different soaps especially at night. So far, I have used the blueberry with shea butter and chocolate soaps and I love them so far. Please do tell me if you have tried using these soaps and what kind of soap do you like?

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