Feb 15, 2013


Hello everyone!!

When I went to Manila last year, my sister asked me to buy a certain brush from The Face Shop. I did buy it for her and I remember feeling so bad for myself because I should have bought two of them. I really liked the brush but we don't have The Face Shop store in Iloilo so I was not able to get one for myself. However, my sister recently gave me the brush so I was very happy and now, I would like to show you guys how great this brush is.


Brand: The Face Shop
Cost: P525  (around $8)
Made of: 100% Synthetic
Color: handle- graying black ferrule: black

  Design: circle brush with 35 degree slant

SIZE: Approx 6 inches

* When I bought this, it came in a box along with an instructional leaflet that shows you how to use the  brush. Unfortunately, my sister could not find it anymore.


  • It is great for cream based products but can be used for liquid foundation or BB cream as well.
  • Buff the product using a circular motion.

  • After using with a liquid or cream foundation, make sure to wipe and clean the bristles then let it dry for a few minutes before using it with a powder.
  •  To set your foundation, gently dab the powder all over your face using this brush.                  
  • Because it is slightly slanted and small,  it is  versatile enough to be used for contouring the nose and cheeks as well.
      • To contour your nose, use the "pointy' tip of the brush and run along the sides of your nose.
      • To contour your cheeks, make a fishy face and sweep bronzer on the hollows of your cheeks. Blend using circular motions afterwards to make it look natural.
What I like:
  • light and not bulky 
  • great for travelling
  • handle is strong and not cheap looking
  • does not streak, gives my face a close to flawless finish
  • does not bleed
  • feels soft and does not irritate my skin
  • ferrule is sturdy and strong
  • densely packed so grabs the product well
  • has a lot of uses ( applying foundation and contouring)
  • affordable
What I think others may not like:
  • the brush itself is small so it may take time to blend foundation all over your face
  • it takes time to dry
  • since it is densely packed, it is a little difficult to take off  products (especially cream based) from the bristles


This brush is indeed small but terrible (amazingly terrible). It is very versatile and delivers great results. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a great yet affordable foundation brush. Whether you have lots of brushes or you don't have a lot, this brush is a definite must have! 


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