Feb 3, 2013


Hello everyone!!

I'm here to share something really great that happened to me last January. I know that it is kind of late but I was crazy busy so I never had the time to write a decent post about it. Anyway, this is about a raffle contest that I entered at Ana Victorino's blog a couple of months ago. (Ana Victorino is one of the upcoming makeup artists/beauty blogger in the Philippines. You should check her out!)I did not expect to win anything because I never really win in any raffle contest but I thought it would be nice to join. And oohh boy!! Was I so happy that I did!! I was not aware that I won the contest at first but I got really confused when some random people added me in Facebook and when I checked their profile, our only common friend is Ana.  I also got super confused when Skindinavia messaged me in Google. When I opened Ana's Facebook page, I saw that she has announced the winners to her giveaway and my heart literally stopped when I saw my name!! I won gift set 1!! This set is definitely great for makeup enthusiasts like me! I can't wait to use each one of them.

Winning this contest is something amazing for me because like I have said I never win in any raffle, so it is such a nice feeling to win something unexpectedly. Thank you once again to Ana Victorino for these amazing prizes.

So I got my prizes about two weeks ago and here they are:

 Dollface Cosmetics 88 Color Palette
 Makeup Workshop
 Mememe Highlighter
Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray


  1. I so envy you!! :) BTW, please check out my blog. I'm a new blogger. I would appreciate your support. Thanks!

  2. You're such a lucky girl! I never won anything either :( *Sad face*

    Thanks for following my blog. I followed you back ^.^ I will be updating more and more so stay tune. WHen I reach a certain amount of member I'll be doing prize giveaway too. You may get lucky again! ;)


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